Prostate cancer sufferers urged to sign up to new SMS service

Prostate cancer sufferers are being encouraged to sign up to a new SMS service to help them learn more about their treatment programs.

The free service, called PROST8CARE, has been launched by healthcare research company Sanofi and allows cancer patients to receive timely SMS messages regarding the treatment they are currently undergoing.

According to, the messages give patients advice regarding their chemotherapy, medicine and diet. They can sign up via their doctor. It costs them nothing to receive the messages, although standard data charges may apply.

Such an SMS service could potentially be utilised for all sorts of diseases to help educate patients about their condition with ease. Similar services are already available for conditions such as flu, diabetes and glaucoma. The NHS sends text messages to remind patients of appointments.

The PROST8CARE service has already been praised for its convenience. It is hoped that it will improve patients’ self-care by giving timely reminders.

Howard Soule, who is chief scientific officer of the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF), has given his seal of approval to the service.

“Through PROST8CARE, we are helping those coping with advanced stages of the diseases through text messages timed to coincide with their chemotherapy treatment cycles,” he told

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