Brands urged to embrace non-traditional methods in mobile strategy

Businesses should embrace non-traditional marketing techniques during their mobile marketing campaign, it has been claimed.

Mitchell Otak, who blogs about business issues for The Financial Post, has claimed that brands are better off creating the personalised location-based relationships which are only really available via mobile.

He said: “Mobile enables new brand experiences that go way beyond traditional advertising. Unlike passive advertising and promotion, mobile marketing allows brands to engage consumers in unique, personalised ‘always on’ and location-based relationships. Mobile advertising is largely new to consumers often delivering new forms of engagement that other media can not offer.”

Many businesses are already delivering strategies like this via SMS marketing. For instance, local brands can use segmentation tactics to target subscribers with certain interests or from a certain region. The ability to do this is very much a strong selling point for SMS marketing software.

Fellow business bloggers Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd have discussed the best way to take advantage of marketing campaigns like this.

In a blog for, they explained the importance of focusing on your business’s unique selling point. With such few characters to play with, SMS is a great platform to apply such a strategy.

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