Consumers want more content, research finds

The latest content marketing industry shows that consumers’ demand for content is still high, revealed. 

The research (compiled by bodies like the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and ExactTarget) shows that although only around six per cent of consumers said they wanted to receive content from a brand, over double that said they did want product-related content.

This could leave some marketers slightly confused, though, but Jeff Rohrs (one of the authors behind the research) clarified the findings. He said: “If you really take a look at the research, consumers are actually desperate for content from brands… They are asking for helpful content through those channels.”

As such, Joe Pulizzi (the CMI’s founder) urged brands to focus on their content creation and delivery – be it through channels like SMS or social media, or via email. He encouraged them first to create a content marketing mission statement.

“Start with your mission statement about how you can be truly useful to customers,” he said. From this, marketers can decide what product-related content to push in their SMS marketing, or the types of blogs they should include in email marketing strategies.

Putting a focus on a content strategy could help brands raise their awareness and engagement levels, comments from the I Scream Social blog (hosted at suggest – something which could see consumers spreading the word more themselves, making less work for marketers.


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