With around six billion text messages being sent every single day and a lot of room for SMS growth in developing markets, it’s no surprise that businesses continue to utilise this medium in their mobile marketing strategies. The simplicity and universal appeal of text messaging – its appeal to both young and old mobile owners – make it an ideal ace in the hole for businesses looking to achieve direct contact with consumers.

Here are just four examples of sectors that could potentially make use of an SMS strategy in their marketing campaigns:

Financial services

Through SMS services, loan and insurance firms have a direct channel to the consumer, allowing them to market their latest rates, potentially getting a first-mover advantage over their competitors.

However, it’s important that messages remain professional and veer away from the spam side of messaging. Finance is a prime sector for unsolicited messaging so it is important for financial firms to maintain their integrity when texting consumers.


Gyms are notorious for getting well-meaning individuals signing up to change their ways. Then, some months, weeks or even days down the line, their dedication wanes and memberships fall by the wayside.

This gives fitness firms the perfect opportunity to entice newcomers back on the treadmill. Through SMS, gyms can advertise their range of classes, prices and discounts to people struggling to get back into the groove.


Britain has (rightly or wrongly) a reputation for being dull, dark and damp, with even summertime being prone to washout. As a result, many people turn to holiday websites in order to satisfy their craving for sun, sea and sand.

This presents travel and tourism businesses with a great chance to get in contact with existing customers to promote discounts for holiday bookings. However, many travel firms will have the same idea, so it is integral to reach the customer directly. SMS can broadcast discount codes, deposit prices and other freebies all to a consumer’s phone.


The retail industry is governed by seasonality, with Christmas making way for spring and Easter, before summer comes along and buying habits change yet again.

Brick-and-mortar retailers will be particularly keen to attract shoppers through their doors to buy new season goods or clear out the older stock (potentially at a sale price). With budgets tightening, mobile messaging could prove to be a cost-effective marketing tool for retailers looking to connect with customers and inform them of upcoming sales, events, discount codes and more.

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