Mobile marketing targets the “most engaged” consumers

Mobile is the medium where the most engaged consumers tend to be, according to an industry expert.

Chia Chen, who is senior vice-president of digital marketing strategy company Digitas, has claimed that consumers are becoming keener to engage with brands using mobile and questioned the best way for marketers can take advantage of this trend.

Speaking to, he said: “What we’re realising, along with our clients, is that the most engaged folks on social networks are people who are accessing via mobile. So the question is, how do we think about it from a mobile perspective in the beginning? How do we make the social experience for them mobile at the core?”

SMS marketing could arguably be one method of reaching out to consumers on their mobile. Chen also discussed the future of mobile advertising on mobile platforms.

He was reacting to a new eMarketer report suggesting that social media marketing should now be primarily focused on mobile users, as mobile users were visiting these websites more frequently and staying on site for longer.

It suggested that understanding how consumers are using mobile devices has become “critical” to marketers and that marketing teams should strive to make all their contact accessible on mobile.

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