SMS marketing is still one of the most direct advertising platforms available to businesses, though ‘direct’ as a title doesn’t always mean basic. In SMS, direct is simply the beginning of the journey, with separate mobile landing pages presenting a range of possible routes for the customer to take.

Mobile users do not wish to be burdened with lines of information – in fact the short and sharp approach is part of text marketing’s success story. In contrast to its email counterpart, SMS marketing is focused on short, snappy messages. It is most suited to distributing deals and reminders when a bullet of information is all that’s needed.

However, businesses might wonder how they can get all their points across when short, concise, quick messages like ‘50% off’ and ‘Book now’ are king. Perhaps through adding a mobile landing page after the ‘find out more’? These should be sub-20kb, contained in a short title and able to direct a user to a mobile-optimised web page or application.

Here’s why SMS marketers are seeing value in them…

Growth in mobile sites

Official figures certainly lean towards a future in mobile communications. There are billions of registered smartphones on the planet, with hundreds of millions more being shipped every single year. Smartphones and PCs are locked in a battle royale, not just over ways for consumers to get online, but also the actions they take when they’re there.

Just to demonstrate the influence that an optimised mobile website carries, a 2012 Google study claimed that one in five mobile website visits lead to an immediate call to the business. Even if they don’t go on to declare their interest, Google says the customer is 75 per cent more likely to return to a site if it is mobile friendly.

So regardless of whether businesses are just picking up on mobile landing pages and optimised sites, consumers are already convinced. This means that, when paired with a text message demanding action, there’s little a mobile landing page can’t do for driving engagement (and, perhaps most importantly, sales).

Social media has exploded

Not all marketers will choose to bookend their message with a mobile website link. Some will look to direct the user to a social media page in order to prolong the conversation, or possibly develop a stronger bond.

Marketers know perfectly well that sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are ideal for building relationships, driving repeat business and attracting new customers through a ‘friends sharing with friends’ platform. This virtual word-of-mouth technology provides the most effective way of spreading a message across the world, as any of the billions of Facebook and Twitter users can attest.

Social media thrives off integration with direct campaigns, as without an initial audience, it’s essentially like preaching to an empty room. A typical approach could see the marketer broadcasting an offer via SMS or email and providing a mobile link to their social media account. From there the offer can be laid out in full, with interested users going on to develop a lasting connection to the brand.

Phones are much more than just phones

Landing pages are crucial to SMS campaigns because phones are no longer just phones. Smart devices are blog readers, video viewers and PDF editors, as well as being phone call takers. Whatever the company has to share, a landing page can provide an optimised link.

The interest in directing users to apps and other forms of media has skyrocketed in recent years, thanks partly to the increase in apps available on the various stores. Bit by bit, users are downloading mobile versions of PC programs in an effort to view, edit and collect all their content on a portable device.

It’s for this reason that SMS marketers must catch onto the trend now and be willing to take chances with landing page links to YouTube, Instagram and document editors in order to breathe life into their campaigns.

Sometimes, a short text explanation is needed

SMS is intentionally direct, but some company updates require clarity and explanation for them to be acted upon. It’s sometimes not enough to deliver a snippet of information and expect a response – because mobile users want reassurance, too.

The wider picture can be introduced with mobile landing pages utilised as an optional extra. Not all users have to click on the link – some will only have their mobile for calling, in which case a landing page may not be of use. Those with the knowledge in optimised sites, however, should be glad for the opportunity to find more about what’s on offer.

So whether they provide a way to catch onto trends, inject variety into a campaign or just service a customer, there can be no argument that mobile landing pages in SMS marketing are an absolute must.

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