Text messaging used to report crimes

Essex Police have set up a service in which people can send a text with information that could aid investigations according to heart.co.uk.

After a 17-year-old boy was stabbed to death at a party last September, the police started looking at alternative ways of reaching out to the public, particularly with younger people.

Knowing that young people use social media and text messaging to stay in touch with each other has allowed the police force to tap into this resource to try and encourage people to come forward with information.

Talking to heart.co.uk Detective Chief Inspector Simon Parkes said: “We are releasing details on how people can contact us through Blackberry Messaging and through text message.

“All those at the party were in the late teens. So it’s about making sure we’re providing opportunities for them to be able to contact us using the media that’s most accessible to them.”

Essex Police aren’t the first force to use a text messaging service with policeoracle.com reporting that Avon and Somerset Constabulary created a service that allowed them to contact victims with updates via sms messaging.

This method could be very effective because it gives users the option of sending a message without running the risk of being overheard as they could be if making a telephone call.

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