‘Happy New Year’ texts up by 10 per cent

A barrage of texts hitting the airwaves as New Year struck has been hailed as proof that the British consumers still regularly send SMS messages, pocket-lint.com reports.

Whilst alternative services such as What’s App, Skype, BBM and Facebook have all been touted as viable successors to text messaging, it seems the old technology is still favoured by millions of Brits around the country. This comes after mobile network provider O2 announced that over 440 million messages were sent across its network over New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Furthermore, SMS messaging appears to be more popular now than ever before, even when faced with extra competition. O2 said that the figure of 440 million is a 10 per cent increase on the volume recorded when the UK welcomed in 2012.

Not only are consumers more willing to use text messages, they’re also happy to pay for the privilege, with mobileinsurance.co.uk claiming that £19 million was spent in the UK on sending ‘Happy New Year’ messages to friends and family. This was because 79 per cent of mobile users sent SMS messages on New Year’s Eve, with the average consumer sending a total of five.

Conversely, the number of goodwill messages received averages 12, with the peak of messages unsurprisingly being sent at 12:01.

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