Texts Will Boost the NHS – Bulk SMS for Healthcare Services

This weekend the Department of Health has stated that one in 10 NHS appointments are missed, but leading business messaging company, Textlocal say that text reminders could reduce this statistic dramatically.

The government is encouraging hospitals to use more innovative ways to tackle the number of missed appointments, but Textlocal we believe the answer has always been there. Mobile messaging is low cost, environmentally friendly, fast and efficient. All of these attributes are high on the list of priorities for many for public sector organisations. Best of all, Textlocal’s online Messenger platform works in harmony with external systems and can send automatic messages to patients days, or even hours before, so no extra work is created for administrators at the time of booking appointments.

Textlocal founder Alastair Shortland said. “Our API Gateway can generate automatic text messages to be sent to a patient without the administrator at the hospital having to do anything more than they would normally. Our system can work out when to send the message just from the booking time that is made within the NHS system, and send alerts and reminders straight to a patients mobile phone within seconds. It is really that simple, and low cost. We believe it could save the NHS millions.”

Textlocal currently work with a variety of public sector organisations from health through to the education and transport sectors such as NHS Knowsley and the University of Liverpool. Many have experienced immediate results from sending text alerts and reminders.

The unique factor is that SMS works on every phone no matter the make or model. It’s overwhelming advantage is its capacity to reach people virtually instantly, wherever they are. After all, won’t helping the NHS run more efficiently benefit everybody?


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