Textlocal launch knowledge hub on new look website

When it comes to accessing a world of information on mobile marketing and discovering how mobile messaging is being used across different sectors, Textlocal have it all. Did you know, for example that 91% of all UK adults now own a mobile phone? Textlocal do, and want all businesses to understand and exploit the huge potential of mobile.

They have managed to build a new website which contains all the knowledge, examples and product and service information any business would need to make informed decisions on mobile messaging and how it can be moulded into their marketing mix. They have done this in one slick, easy-to-use interface, complimented by colourful designs, pithy bullet points and phrases. Textlocal have created an online interface allowing access to the best mobile messaging system on the market, enabling businesses to easily grow their customer data and intelligence and to communicate targeted messages directly the palms of customer’s hands. This powerful blend of design, usability and technology has been commended for being cost-effective, quick and proven to deliver results.

It’s no wonder then, that they won an Internet Business Award, a DMA Marketing Innovation award and an Effective Mobile Marketing Award for best platform to name but a few.  The new www.textlocal.com even allows users from all business backgrounds to take advantage of a FREE trial of the new award winning Messenger 2.0 platform. Actively listening and reacting to recommendations from customers on the back of some extensive qualitative research, the new site provides a foundation on how businesses from all sectors can get started in mobile and effectively target customers. For example we’ve created a dedicated section on Mobile Marketing to help you get started. There’s a whole suite of quality papers for different sectors in their ‘Inside Mobile’ collection which also features  – The basics, The Insight and The Numbers.

Our communication team scan and track the market for all the latest insight, statistics, trends whitepapers and reports so you don’t have to. We also keep you up to date with the latest mobile marketing events, latest blogs and applications, which will save you precious time to work on your mobile marketing campaigns. There are even video tutorials to take you through the process of a campaign step by step.

Nothing left to do but try it all out for yourself. Mobile, have you clicked yet?


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