Making the most of the Olympics with mobile messaging

We all know that there isn’t much time left before the start of the Olympics 2012, and most businesses will have already outlined their marketing strategies to reach out to the new audiences it will attract to the UK. But even if you haven’t it’s not too late to start a mobile marketing campaign that will ensure you make the most of a captivated audience. So the question is, how do you rapidly reach out to a mass audience on the fly? How do you capture their contact details and communicate targeted messages to them in seconds?
  1. Capture data on the fly
    Using short codes, and even QR codes to encourage people to opt-in to receive your communications is powerful. No other SMS marketing tool can do this while your customers are on the move, instantly and for little cost. Allowing customers to opt-in to receive your marketing, means that your follow up activity becomes more targeted, and in turn increases ROI.
  2. Auto-schedule your communications around specific events
    Using mobile messaging you can target people in the right place, at the right time without having to be sat at your PC. Auto-schedule your messages around the events taking place at the Olympics, and offer promotional incentives which coincide with the timetable and they will send from the system automatically at your specified time. A typical example could be ‘If you’re dashing to the men’s 100 stop at Bertie’s sweetshop on Olympic Rd for 2 for 1 on all soft drinks’.
  3. Build long-term relationships
    Mobile messaging is the only medium that has an open rate of 97.5%. It gives a campaign the added power to communicate with targeted customers and build on the relationship you have with them, based on permission and trust. Once you have a list of opt-in contacts, the data is yours to communicate marketing messages, alerts or promotions whenever you like. If you collect the numbers during a busy period such as the Olympics, it gives you the opportunity to build and maintain those relationships in the long-term.
  4. Flexible communication
    The key advantage of mobile messaging is the flexibility it gives you to engage with a mass audience instantly. Whether you need to grow a database, send appointment confirmations or send urgent updates. Any time of day, and wherever your customers are the uses are endless with mobile messaging. There is no substitute for fast, direct, targeted marketing on the move.
  5. Send rich content
    No longer are you limited to 160 characters of text, the use of Smartphone technology and the public acceptance of tiny URL’s on social media platforms, means that mobile messaging can be used as a tool to link to a bigger picture.

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