Greenpeace Uses Textlocal QR Codes for Ship Launch

Greenpeace has worked with mobile marketing company Textlocal to promote the launch of the Rainbow Warrior III ship using QR Codes. Greenpeace sent 90,000 supporters in UK an invitation to the event containing a QR code, which was scanned on arrival to track attendees.

Molly Brooks, digital marketing coordinator at Greenpeace, says: “Using QR Codes meant that Greenpeace staff could easily use mobile phones to track who attended. Being able to track everyone electronically through the Textlocal reporting system worked perfectly for us, as we were able to follow up with our supporters accordingly to say thank you for coming, or reach out quickly those that couldn’t make it with a separate message. Mobile made the whole process fast and accurate, and without doubt this method reduces the need for paper forms at the event and is therefore kinder to the environment which is what we’re all about.”

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