Textlocal are victorious at the Internet Business Awards

Mobile marketing and communications company Textlocal have won an Internet Business Award for their outstanding online system that allows businesses to instantly communicate using the power of mobile with customers and staff.

www.txtlocal.com provides an easy-to-use interface, which allows businesses to easily grow their customer data and intelligence and to communicate targeted messages directly the palms of customer’s hands. This powerful technology has been rewarded for being cost-effective, quick and proven to deliver results.

The Internet Business Awards judges decided to separate mobile telecoms from landline and broadband services, as the sector is burgeoning. They commended Textlocal on their big, bold website that in their opinion gives business customers instant access to a full range of services, all supported by pithy bullet points and phrases. They stated that unlike its competitors, Textlocal can enable any size of business to use B2B text message marketing, quickly, easily and at low cost.

This award echoes an industry growth in investment and it has been widely predicted that more companies are choosing to spend a larger percentage of their marketing budget on sophisticated mobile advertising and applications. In fact recent news in the FT indicated that the Mobile Advertising sector is forecast to see 14% growth in 2011, according to Enders Analysis, and we can certainly see evidence of this with major brands worldwide.

Darren Daws, MD at Textlocal said “It is fantastic to see an upward trend in businesses realising the advantages of investing in mobile campaigns, and we are proud that Textlocal has been recognised as leaders in our field. The beauty of our service is that it is accessible to all businesses large or small, and we feel there is no real substitute to having the tools to distribute a message, whether it be a simple text, a website link or an image, to thousands of people, instantly. A better alternative to traditional methods such as direct mail or email, the mobile phone is the one possession that continually stays with a person. Communicating with an audience in this way, ensures your message is delivered and received.”

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