Beat the Postal Strike with SMS

The whole of the country has been affected by the Postal strike, independent predictions that the postal service could be affected beyond Christmas.

More and more organisations are turning to text messaging as a result; there is no quicker, easier or direct route than by SMS text message. Textlocal can help you reach your audience in seconds for as little as 2.9p per text.

Text is a superior way to reach your customers

RESPONSE: Texts get a better response than other forms of marketing, including direct mail

Everybody enjoys receiving a text message, SMS marketing gets response rates of up to 28%* compared to an average of just 2% for direct mail.

LOWER COSTS: Reach a customer for under 3p!

Texting is significantly cheaper than direct mail. The last direct mail campaign we assessed cost around 48p for an A5 flyer (including design, printing and postage), compared with costs from just 2.9p for a text.

INSTANT: Texts are instant

Texts are sent instantly, you can even schedule them for a specific time of day to maximise your response (i.e. pizza outlets target customers on their way home from work)


Delivery Receipts

Our user-friendly system allows you to track when a message has been delivered, this tracking is FREE you don’t have to pay extra for recorded delivery.

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open rate

Over 98% of the text messages sent from our SMS tool are opened and read. That’s unmatched communication power for your business. Try it for yourself.