Britannia Building Society choose Textlocal

Britannia Building Society has chosen Textlocal as their primary in-house text message supplier. Britannia has made the move following the launch of the new Textlocal control panel..

Britannia use SMS text as part of a drive to improve customer service and human resource efficiency. Outbound SMS campaigns include sending messages to staff regarding important news items and instructions for couriers. As well as for IT purposes, such as sending out system updates and monitoring overnight batch runs.

A spokesperson for Britannia said that “Textlocal represented a better value service than our original supplier, therefore it made perfect sense to make Textlocal our primary SMS service provider.

The spokesperson continued “The entire set up process and import of distribution lists was extremely easy.”

Some of the new Textlocal features that caught the eye of Britannia include:

Easy Control Panel 

Simple navigation /administration of campaigns.

Select Individual Contacts

Individual contacts can be selected from groups and filtered, selected and expanded as required.

Send in Batches

Messages can be scheduled to go out at key times throughout the day.

Why use Mobile Messaging in Finance Industry?

Improved Customer Service

Banks can send out balance or transaction details upon customer request.

Lead Generation

A short code can be used on advertising to generate additional leads especially from people who don’t want to phone at a particular time.

Increase Sales

Banks and building societies can send reminders at crucial times of the year.

Textlocal work with a number of UK banks and building societies, including Nationwide, Lloyds and Barclays capital to deliver Simple Mobile Services.

If you don’t already have a Textlocal account, then sign up today at  and you too could be realising the benefits of text messaging to reach your staff, customers and prospects.

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