Text to the Rescue for over 100,000 Parents caught out by School Closures!

SMS text messaging services proved crucial to a number of Schools caught out in snowy conditions in the South East of England today. One Hundred and Fifty Three Schools used SMS messaging to contact an estimated 100,000 parents to advise them that their Child’s Schools had been closed due to the unexpected weather conditions.

The power of text enabled Schools to communicate quickly to a large audience, as soon as the decision to close the School was made. The speed and convenience in hearing about the announcement made life much easier for parents to plan ahead and work around the situation.

Recent findings from an independent survey conducted by Populus found that more than two thirds (68%) of parents wanted their Child’s school to use text message communication more frequently to inform them about important issues relating to the School.

Schools are using text for a range of reasons including chasing up unauthorized absence, sending out news, evening function announcements, trip announcements, reminders and even sending positive messages regarding pupil performance.

The Textlocal SMS service is extremely easy to use, no training or installation is required. It is free to open an account and the only cost involved is for the text credits purchased which range from 2.9p to 8p.

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