Promotions and Discounts with SMS

Create great offers and drive more business with a mobile phone

Sales promotions are a key part of any business toolkit, great for notching up extra sales, reaching new customers and filling any gaps in your cash flow. With mobile phones never out of reach, SMS is the perfect solution to share your latest promotions with customers, cutting through the noise of a busy inbox.

Research tells us that SMS is a fast, effective way to communicate with your customers, so what does this mean for you? From including simple offer codes in your text message to creating your own Wallet vouchers, you can tailor any kind of promotion using SMS.

Download our 'Promotions and Discounts with SMS' guide now to learn:

  • Why sales promotions can be great for your business
  • What types of promotions are available
  • Why SMS is the perfect way to communicate with your customers
  • How to create a successful promotional message
  • How to make sure your messages aren't spam
  • How you can measure the results of your campaigns

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