Integrate Textlocal With Zapier

Connect your Textlocal account to over 500 apps with Zapier

Your business probably uses different systems for different tasks, whether it's relying on a sophisticated CRM system to track customer activity, or preferring a simple spreadsheet to keep on top of things. Everything from sending marketing emails to running a customer helpdesk is managed with complex software.

The challenge comes in trying to get all these systems to talk to each other...

Software integration is traditionally a development task and often involves a big project to deliver a sophisticated integration. Textlocal's integration with Zapier offers a different way.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online tool that helps you create simple software integrations with just a few clicks. There are over 500 applications partnered with Zapier and you can connect any of them to your Textlocal account quickly and easily. Zapier is designed for non-developers; it's a self-serve portal that guides users through creating templated integrations with popular applications.

A few of our integration partners

WordPress Magento Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics

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