Bulk SMS API Gateways For Text Message Integration

Integrate with your own system with our text messaging API

With your Textlocal account you have instant access to all our APIs, which enable you to easily integrate our SMS & MMS services with your website, software or CRM application in PHP, ASP, .NET, Java or any other language.

Our SMS API Gateways


This interface allows you to send text messages to either individual numbers or to large groups of numbers that are comma separated. The interface is very simple and you will be up and running in minutes. Simply GET or POST your query to our URL.

Receive SMS API >

You can configure any of your Textlocal inboxes to send a notification to a URL whenever you receive a message; this is perfect for two-way communication via your website or application. To enable message notifications, simply enter your URL into the inbox settings within Messenger.

Send MMS API >

This interface allows you to send MMS messages, which can consist of a text message along with a picture, video, audio file or vCard. To connect to this interface, simply GET or POST your query to our URL.

Inject Numbers API >

You can inject contact details directly to a group on your Messenger account sending a GET or POST request to our below, great for passing info from a web contact form into your account.

Send SMS API (XML) >

We offer a bulk XML interface for sending different messages to multiple recipients in batches. This option is perfect for mail-merging text appointment reminders, delivery confirmations and payroll information.

Delivery Receipt API >

You can configure your Textlocal account to have delivery receipt notifications sent to a URL as POST parameters in near real time. We show Delivered, Invalid and Undelivered (expired).

Receive MMS API >

Each MMS inbox can be configured to POST details of a new MMS to a URL on your server. You can then pick up the ZIP file containing your multimedia content however you choose.

Check Account Balance >

This interface provides a quick and easy way to check your SMS text message balance, simply pass your username and password (or hash) and we echo back your balance.

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