Send instant text messages with our SMPP API

Integration with our simple, high speed SMPP and start sending text messages in minutes

Developers trust our SMPP API because of its reliability and fast, real-time messaging capabilities.

SMPP provides the ability to send high volume of SMS from a system to your contacts’ phones in seconds. It is typically used for ‘one to many’ sending where a large numbers of SMS are required, such as updating gaming and gambling customers with instant betting odds, or sending communities and employees updates on local disasters.

What is SMPP?

The Textlocal SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) server supports the SMPP v3.4 industry standard and is used for sending a high number of messages and delivery receipts in an instant, direct from the operator.

What can you expect from our SMPP API

Our SMPP Server has the following features:

  • High Speed (up to 600 messages a second)
  • Instant delivery of delivery receipts
  • Test mode
  • Messages can be scheduled either absolutely or relatively
  • Unicode, GSM 0.38 and ISO-8859-1 support

For testing, any submit_sm PDU with a ton of 99, messages will not deliver, but will be accepted and receipted in the same way as a live message would be.

UK SMPP API support for developers

Textlocal has a UK based support team of developers dedicated to help integrate our SMPP API with your system, app or software. Our API are also well documented. To find more information on our SMPP API, please read our SMS API support documents

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