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Welcome to the Textlocal SMS API Gateway - the #1 choice for single or bulk SMS text messaging. Cut & paste our simple examples to bolt-on SMS text to your website, software or CRM app. Our API is packed full of unique cutting-edge features to fully harness the power of SMS like never before!

It is easy to implement in ALL languages from PHP to Java, .Net to Perl. It's secure and reliable - and with 100,000+ users you are in good company. Email support@txtlocal.com with any questions and our experts will help you tailor a solution.

	// Textlocal account details
	$username = urlencode('youremail@address.com');
	$hash = urlencode('Your API hash'); // Get this when logged in at https://control.txtlocal.co.uk/docs/
	// Message details
	$numbers = urlencode(447123456789.",".447987654321);
	$sender = urlencode('Textlocal');
	$message = rawurlencode('This is your message');

	// Prepare data for POST request
	$data = 'username=' . $username . '&hash=' . $hash 
	  . '&numbers=' . $numbers . "&sender=" . $sender . "&message=" . $message;
	// Send the GET request with cURL
	$ch = curl_init('https://api.txtlocal.com/send/?' . $data);
	curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
	$response = curl_exec($ch);
	// Process your response here
	echo $response;

Integrate any application with Textlocal using our simple API gateway and send SMS instantly. Whether your application is for web, desktop or mobile we support it. There are many code examples in multiple languages to get you started and what you do from there is up to you, the possibilities really are endless. Of course, the API is not all about sending SMS, you can send MMS messages too as well as schedule messages, manage contacts, retrieve inbound messages and so much more. Why not take a look at the features below and get the ball rolling on your project!

Easily integrate SMS features with your app

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Text local provide a service for a diverse catalogue of clients across a wide range of industries, sending text messages amassing over 40 million per month. SMS marketing with our API is easily accessible to a wide audience where you can achieve a variety of goals using SMS including, but not limited to, lead generation, enhanced customer experience and brand awareness.

We help clients across many different industry sectors including healthcare, financial, leisure, hospitality, logistics and many more. SMS for business is used for a number of marketing activities that can be appointment based - by reminding people of upcoming appointments, notification based - making people aware of new events, promotions and discounts and has numerous other creative uses Below you will find more examples.

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