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Our market leading Messenger 2.0 enables your business, service or community group - whether a local chip shop, church, multinational corporation or charity organisation - to instantly deliver personalised SMS texts to people everywhere. Never before has communication been so direct & effective. Our SMS services are all simple to use - it is this combined with many powerful features which has won us all the major mobile industry awards and over 500 glowing testimonials from our customers.

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Our platform is free, just pay for texts with no expiry date, simply use them as required.
No hidden charges, no contracts, no strings attached.

Price promise

Accounts are 100% free, simply purchase text bundles as required. Should you find a lower price, call our Customer Care Team on +44 (0)1244 752 299 and we'll match or beat it.

Or see our international prices.

We only use quality direct connections to mobile networks to guarantee the highest reliability. Beware of some companies that use unreliable low quality offshore routes.

Message Bundle Per bundle Per message
100 Messages£4.904.9p
200 Messages£9.804.9p
500 Messages£24.504.9p
1000 Messages£49.004.9p
2000 Messages£98.004.9p
5000 Messages£245.004.9p
10000 Messages£450.004.5p
25000 Messages£1,050.004.2p
Larger bundles: Prices from 2.4p per message.
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Completely tailor your SMS

From: YourName - Replyable: No

Message: Click each of the buttons to see the different sender name implications.

Set a Sender Name/Number

An SMS text message contains two parts, a Sender Name and a Body. The Sender Name can be a word (your brand or business name), but you can not receive replies. It can also be a number which can receive replies.

From: CountryInn

Hi Mary, just to let you know that your table has been reserved for 19:00. You are in the booth. See you later! The Country Inn.


Message Composition

Simply type your message into the box and press send! You can use up to 612 characters, split across four messages, which are magically reassembled on the handset. There are helpful counters to show how many characters have been entered.

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Merging Contact Data

Our powerful SMS service allows you to easily import contact info from spreadsheets with a few clicks. You can then personalise your texts by merging up to 5 fields of this data into your SMS texts on the fly. Very powerful and effective!

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You may find that you regularly send similar messages (for example, appointment reminders, payroll notifications), so create a template which can be reused time and time again. You can configure the sender name, body and insert any required merge fields into the template.

From: CountryInn

Get 20% off your bill this weekend when you show this text. Optout: Txt KWRGGSTOP to 60777 Optout: Visit http://tx.vc/o/1ae88

Free Opt-Out Paths

Each Textlocal account is equipped with free opt-out systems which can be appended to your SMS text messages. Either an SMS code like "text HGTRSTOP to 60777" or a short web address which when followed captures the client number for opt-out.

From: CountryInn

Check out our new mobile website. We have added the menu and our specials are updated every day! http://tx.vc/r/xg/#LinkTrack#


Short Links

Using our short link auto creator tool you can send links to any web page on the internet in a shortened form to save space in your text message. What's more we can create unique links so you can track which of your recipients are clicking through in real time.

Comprehensive Sending Tools

Scheduling messages screenshot

Scheduling Messages

You can choose to schedule your SMS text messages up to 365 days in advance. This means you can batch your campaigns at a convenient time, safe in the knowledge that we will release the messages to your clients at exactly the correct date and time.

Message validity screenshot

Message Validity Times

Sometimes your customers will have their phone switched off or be abroad without roaming switched on. The networks will try and deliver your text for up to 48 hours. However, if your offer is time limited then you can set a validity time and date to ensure the text isn't delivered after this.

Segmented messages screenshot

Staggered Sending

When sending large batches of messages, due to the high response of SMS text campaigns you could flood your office with calls. We offer a facility to drip your messages out during a time period so that your staff don't get overloaded!

Powerful Contact Manager

Mobile marketing database screenshot

Adding numbers

Adding numbers to your Messenger account is a piece of cake! Simply add them one at a time, paste a list of up to 100,000 mobile numbers or import from a spreadsheet including any data you wish to merge into your text messages.

Building Opt-In Lists

Using the power of an SMS shortcode keyword, your customers can opt-in to receive your SMS marketing texts. For example "Text WOK to 60777/66777 to join the Wok & Roll VIP Members Club" Your customers are instantly added to your contact group.

Preparing Data...

Data Management

Your contacts' mobile numbers are cleansed (e.g. any spaces, hyphens and +44's are corrected) and duplicates are removed automatically as you add them. Your groups of contacts can then be merged or split as required.

We are more than just SMS

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Delivery Reports

Each and every SMS text that you send can be tracked through to handset with 100% accuracy. When a message is delivered we will report this to you through our reporting tools.

Character Count

0 / 612

1 Credit

Long Messages

We support "long" SMS text messages. This means that messages are not limited to the standard 160 characters, but can be as many as 612 characters in length. These are billed as multiple messages and there are helpful counters to show you how many characters/messages have been used.

+441 or +442

Send to Landlines

We don't only send to mobiles, by setting your sender-name to any phone number you can easily send your text messages to any UK landline where they will be read out to the recipient. Texts must be sent between 8am and 10pm.

Highest quality routes screenshot

Highest Quality Routes

We are proud of the fact that we send our messages directly through operator networks. This guarantees 100% deliverability, tracking of ported numbers, full delivery reports and full control of the sender-name. We don't use cheap international networks or 'grey routes' to deliver UK messages.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Messenger SLA

Textlocal is committed to providing the highest quality services and delivering high standards of customer service. Don't take our word for it read our customer reviews and look at our awards.

Our promises are based on the things that our customers have told us matter to them, so we do our best to deliver them. For more information on our Service Promise, SLA and Security and Reliability click here.