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Instantly broadcast images, audio and video to thousands

Send Bulk MMS Messages Online

With bulk MMS you can instantly broadcast your multi media content to anyone. Why not send your customers a photo of your newly renovated restaurant or QR code they can redeem an offer with.

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Sending MMS Messages

With our MMS Gateway you can easily send group MMS messages including images, audio files, video clips or vCard contacts. This feature also supports QR Codes and Bar Codes which is swiftly becoming a fundamental part of mobile marketing. Using mobile to administer passes and tickets is cost effective, user friendly and kind to the environment. To see our MMS Services in action, text SHOWME to 66777 and we will send you our demo MMS message.

MMS can support businesses in any sector, whether it is to increase sales, to support a product launch or to use to send out tickets and vouchers. In order to send MMS messages you will need MMS Credits. These can be purchased in your Messenger account, prices are displayed below.

For more information about mass mobile messaging see the benefits of bulk SMS for business section of our website.

MMS Credit Costs

MMS Credit Bundle Per bundle Per credit
25 Credits £8.50 34p
50 Credits £17.00 34p
100 Credits £34.00 34p
500 Credits £170.00 34p
1,000 Credits £340.00 34p
5,000 Credits £1,700.00 34p

To send MMS messages, the file needs to be a maximum of 300kb.

All MMS are free for the recipient to receive.

Feature List

Import numbers

Import numbers from a CSV or Excel file.

FREE trial

Open an account and get two FREE MMS credits

Include text message

You can also include a text message with the file you send. The Maximum size of an MMS message is 300KB

Upload file

Just click the button and upload any JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, AMR, WAV, MIDI, MID, RMF, MP3, 3GPP or MP4 file for easy sending to your contacts. You can also attach a VCF or VCard.

Nothing to download

No software to download to log in and send

Easily add numbers

Either type or copy and paste your numbers in in seconds

Indefinite credits

All MMS credits bought last indefinitely and can be used whenever you wish.

UK only

You can only send MMS to opt-in mobiles and we only use UK premium network operators (Vodafone, O2 etc.) to deliver MMS messages.

No hidden costs

No set-up fees or monthly fees

Unique content

If you run a restaurant, you might want to send your customers a picture of the newly refurbished interior for example. As a fashion brand, you could send your customers a QR code that they can redeem an offer with. If you run a used car business, you have the option of sending your customers a picture of the latest vehicles that have just come in. The opportunities are endless.

Bulk MMS gives you the perfect method of communicating with lots of your customers at the same time, but giving them some interesting, unique content. Accompanying a standard SMS marketing campaign, MMS offers something a little bit different and keeps your customers interested in what you have to offer.

Brand awareness

It's not just standard images that you can send either. Instructional videos or teaser trailers are quick and easy to send, giving your customers something new and exciting to look at, while keeping your brand fresh in their minds. You can even use bulk MMS to share coupons or boost the coverage of a promotion that you're running. Don't forget both MMS and SMS are fully supported in bulk with our award winning messaging solutions.

The idea behind this sort of marketing is to ensure your company stands out from the competition. If you do something that others aren't, then you put yourself in a unique position, becoming a leader in your industry. If you think outside the box, you could end up with a viral campaign on your hands - perfect for taking brand awareness to the next level.

Any sector

It doesn't matter what industry your company works in, you can rest assured that we'll create the right MMS campaign for you. Even the most obscure businesses can find significant value in a carefully targeted campaign. You might find that a simple picture message works best for your business, but there may be occasions when a more unusual strategy gives you better results.

If you have a big product launch coming up, try different ways of drumming up interest. The new methods will take your customers by surprise and get them talking about you. The ultimate goal is, of course, to get more coverage and more customers, so if you get people talking, you can be sure that a whole host of new customers won't be far behind.

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