Full reseller partner

Build your own branded SMS platform for customers

Our partners

3 Mobile EE o2 Vodafone

Our integration partners

Daisy WSI XLN Telecom Eposnow

What's included?

As a full reseller partner, we make it easy for you to create new revenue streams for your business. Your branded platform can be set up in minutes so you can quickly benefit from offering mobile marketing solutions to your customers.

You can set your own pricing for different customers, which means you can build the most competitive offering. We provide you with your own account creation tool, master account and fully integrated reporting tools, so you have full control over your SMS propositions.

Benefits of becoming a Full reseller include:

  • White Label platform with your company logo and brand colours
  • We provide an account creation tool, master account and report package
  • Pricing structured to suit your business
  • Use of four Keywords on our Short Code 60777 (for up to 12 months)
  • Platform maintenance and updates included for the duration of your contract

White Label pricing structure

SMS Message Bundle Price per bundle Price per credit
1000 Credits £40.00 4p
5,000 Credits £200.00 4p
10,000 Credits £400.00 4p
25,000 Credits £1,000.00 4p
50,000 Credits £1,650.00 3.3p
Larger bundles Prices from 2.4p per credit
Contact us for a quote
MMS Message Bundle Price per bundle Price per credit
100 Credits £34.00 34p
500 Credits £170.00 34p
1,000 Credits £340.00 34p
5,000 Credits £1,700.00 34p
10,000 Credits £3,400.00 34p
25,000 Credits £8,500.00 34p

Special credit prices exclude VAT.
Short Code Keywords on 60777 = £20 / Month (minimum 3 month contracts)
Dedicated Inbound Number = £25 / Month (minimum 3 month contracts)
Commissions exclude VAT.

How does it work?

Your fully branded platform means that Textlocal is hidden away in the background. You purchase SMS credits from Textlocal in bulk and these sit in your platform. These credits are transferred to your customers when they make a purchase, however you must have enough credits in your account to be able to transfer them. These credits can be sold to your customers at a competitive price, to maximise your profit margin.

We will require a domain name with a secure (SSL) certificate to setup your branded platform. We can usually do this within seven days, to get your service up and running on time.

How do I become a full reseller partner?

Contact the team to discuss the set-up of your branded service account. There's a small set-up fee to get started, then you just purchase SMS credits in bulk as you need them. The set-up fee is £299 +VAT.

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