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Become a SMS partner and promote our services to your customers

Our partners

3 Mobile EE o2 Vodafone

Our integration partners

Daisy WSI XLN Telecom Eposnow

What's included?

As a Dual Branded SMS marketing partner, you can start selling business mobile messaging solutions at minimal cost and earn money from every purchase your customers make.

We'll build a dual branded Messenger account so your customers can log in to send and receive text messages. Through this they can also access the full range of services and features, like short codes, attachments and keywords, as well as the tools needed to build their own mobile web pages.

Benefits of this SMS reselling partnership include:

  • Dual branded platform for your customers to log in and send texts
  • Create customer accounts and manage account tagging
  • Earn ongoing commission for every purchase made, paid quarterly
  • Customers can purchase online, by cheque, bank transfer or over the phone
  • Dedicated Account Management and access to our support team
  • Full reporting available with Sales & Marketing support

What commission do I get?

Message Bundle Commission
100 Credits £0.94
200 Credits £1.87
500 Credits £4.68
1000 Credits £9.36
2000 Credits £18.72
5000 Credits £46.81
10000 Credits £77.98
25000 Credits £165.62
50000 Credits £253.03

How does it work?

You get a branded landing page where new users can sign-up to your SMS service. This is hosted for you at www.sendsms.org.uk/yourcode/.

Your dual branded platform includes your logo and a background colour of your choice. There's also a button where you can click to view all your registered users and the commission they have generated. Here you can also change your logo and background colour.

As a Dual Branded partner, your platform permissions allow you to manually create new Textlocal.com accounts for your customers, and tag them to you (so you receive your commission).

We recommend you build a web page which links to your www.sendsms.org.uk signup page, to promote SMS to your customers. Once new users have signed-up and activated their account, Textlocal will on-board your customer and handle all the sales and support queries on your behalf.

Dual Brand SMS partnership Terms & Conditions

We have two dual brand partner models that we can offer you depending upon how you plan to promote and use the system, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

You will receive notification by email from Textlocal at the end of each quarter, confirming the commission earned (if you meet the above criteria). Then simply invoice us for this amount plus VAT (if applicable) which we will pay directly into your bank account.

If fewer than three companies make a purchase during the month, we will not send you a commission statement and you won't be eligible for any that month.

How do I become a Dual Brand partner?

Contact the team to discuss your options for a dual branded account. There's a one-off set-up fee to get started - £50 +VAT. To start earning commission today, call +44 (0)1244 752 299.

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