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Choosing the right SMS Text Message reseller package for you

Becoming a business mobile messaging provider in partnership with Textlocal can provide your company with a considerable additional income stream.

We offer 3 different Reseller Packages (Affiliate, Dual Brand and White Label) so you can choose the option which suits your circumstances best.

All our mobile and SMS reseller schemes come complete with our friendly support team, always on hand to assist in any issues you may encounter. We have been told time and time again by our customers that our support service cannot be beaten. All our services are supplied, without restriction, to your customers in our award-winning Messenger system.

Reseller Packages

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Become an affiliate

Simply by placing our banner ad on your site we will pay you upfront and ongoing commission on every purchase made by any customer coming to us from your site.

And best of all this is completely free to you.

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Become a dual brand provider

With Textlocal's Dual Brand solution you can become a business mobile messaging provider to your customers at minimal cost, and earn money from every purchase that your customers make.

We'll provide you a dual branded Messenger for your customers to use to send SMS and receive messages and access all of Textlocal's other mobile marketing services.

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Become a white label provider

With Textlocal's white label solution you can become a business mobile messaging provider to your customers through a site fully branded for your company, with no mention of Textlocal anywhere.

You are therefore able to charge whatever price you like to your customers and thereby create your own additional revenue stream for your company. We provide you with your own Account Creation Tool, Master Account and Reports so you have total control over what is going on.

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