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Reselling SMS has never been easier. In partnership with Textlocal, you can create a new revenue stream from existing customers, whilst helping them grow their business using highly effective SMS marketing.

We offer three SMS reseller partner models (Full Reseller Partner, Dual Brand Partner and Affiliate), so whether you're experienced in selling mobile marketing or just starting out, we have a solution that will work for your business.

We know that your success depends on our ability to provide the best possible service. That's why our texting partner models include full support from our dedicated team of product experts who are available to assist when you need help, backed-up by our robust online knowledge base.

Textlocal's Platinum Operator status with the mobile networks guarantees premium routes using direct connections into the heart of mobile network SMS Centres (SMSCs). For our partners, this means providing high-capacity, secure, reliable and fast SMS connectivity, direct to a user's mobile phone, at the best price.

SMS marketing platform

Our marketing platform, which we call Messenger, is hosted, designed, developed and supported by Textlocal staff based in the UK. What's more, our feature-rich SMS API allows users to integrate with everyday business applications to send and receive SMS, and capture information through their existing tools and software.

Our text marketing partners tell us time and time again that our platform and support cannot be beaten, so why not join over 100 specialist business, IT and telcos that already benefit from reselling SMS with Textlocal?

Choose the right texting Reseller model for your business

Become a Full Reseller partner

With Textlocal's Full Reseller Partner model, Messenger is fully branded for your company with Textlocal hidden away in the background.

You can set your own pricing, even at individual customer level, to build the most competitive offering. You get your own account creation tool, master account and fully integrated reporting tools to give you complete control over how your SMS proposition is built.

Learn more about becoming a Full Reseller Partner

Become a Dual Brand partner

With Textlocal's Dual Brand reselling model, you can start reselling SMS to your customers at minimal cost, and generate profit from every purchase they make.

We'll provide you with a dual branded Messenger account for your customers to send and receive SMS. You'll also have access all of the platform's services and features, like short codes, keywords, mobile web pages and message attachments. Additionally, you'll be fully supported by our Account Management team.

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Become an Affiliate marketing partner

Simply place our banner ads on your website. We'll pay you upfront and ongoing commission on purchases made by every website visitor coming to our site from yours.

Best of all, it's completely free to set up and run.

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