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Look no further... you have found the most feature-rich, multi-functional business SMS platform in the world!

Textlocal Messenger allows you to receive SMS messages online as well as sending them. Messages are received into an inbox via text message using either a short text number - also known as a short code, e.g. 60777 or via a dedicated long telephone number such as 07748889999.

Adding an inbound text number to your marketing provides an easy, low-cost way for customers to contact you instantly. SMS Short Codes are perfect to use at the start of your bulk SMS and mobile marketing activity, as they are a great tool for collecting opt-in data and they are easy to remember.

Anyone who responds to your Short Code number is classed as an opt-in and their number will be available in your inbox, ready to transfer to your contact list in Messenger - saving you time and money buying in mobile data or targeting contacts not engaged with your brand.

You can also set up SMS and online auto responders whereby you can text a Keyword for example, BROCHURE to a short or long mobile number and an auto-response is sent back including brochure attachment.

Whether you want to expand your contact database or receive replies by two way SMS communications Textlocal has the answer and many of our clients tell us that having a text reply option substantially increases overall response rates.

Speed test - Try it NOW

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  • An easy, low-cost way for customers and prospects to contact you instantly
    • Receive Text replies to marketing and other communications for FREE
    • Use inbound SMS for postcode look-up of nearby services
    • Check inbound texts on-the-go with our handy mobile SMS app
  • Schedule in automatic SMS replies to inbound texts
    • Schedule SMS auto-replies to include brochures and other attachments & links
    • Messages can be scheduled in after a specific period of time - offering flexibility
    • Use auto-replies to let customers know you are dealing with their enquiry
  • Use of short and long text numbers for easy recall & familiarity
    • Receive Text Messages in a variety of convenient ways - see table below
    • Inbound messages can be forwarded to your email for free or to a url
    • Easily store contact numbers coming into inboxes - export and add to contact groups
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Eight great ways to receive business text messages

We believe variety is the spice of life, that’s why we’ve developed eight great ways for you to receive text messages.

If you are not sure which option will work best for your business please contact one of our ‘textperts’ on +44 (0)1244 752 299 who will gladly help.

Review date:

Textlocal - a really good service

I have been using Textlocal for about 18 months now and have found it to be an excellent service. I use it mostly to receive inbound texts to the voting service The things I like are:- it never goes wrong. We haven't had a single error in 18 months.- helpful knowledge articles. Textlocal will be in touch, but they always try to help and share knowledge. I feel like my success is important to the Textlocal team - if I am successful, my use of Textlocal will grow.- clear help and guidance. I can't think of any features that I want that aren't already in the service. When interfacing Textlocal with other systems, the guidance is very clear and simple.A really good service and I am pleased to be able to provide feedback.
Review date:

Best Service I've Ever Used

Set up my website, thought it would be a good idea to have a box so any messages on the site go to my mobile. So i set it up with the support of Andy (Amazingly Useful) but i had a problem that my messages didn't send properly. So i told him the problem, left the problem at his end for a while and soon enough, he told me what was wrong. I liked the fact the service he's given me was all quick replies, no problems and instant respect when he told me the problem. I want to put a GREAT BIG WORD out for Andy D. Iwould give 7 stars if it let me. :) :) :)

Free Keyword on Short Code Number

Every Messenger account comes with its own Keyword on our Short Code number - 60777.

Completely FREE to use. Texts are passed onto you. The sender pays a standard network charge (which may be free depending on network used).

Keyword on long number

Text any Keyword to one of Textlocals’ long numbers.

Contract Price
Setup FREE
3 Month £10.00
6 Month £15.00
12 Month £25.00

Keyword on a Short Code

Text 'SMS' to 60777/66777.

Contract Price
Set-up fee One-off payment* £25
Pay Monthly £25
6 Months (10% discount) £135
12 Months (20% discount) £240

Dedicated Long Number

E.g. +447XXX XXXXXX.

Use any Keyword you like. You have sole use of this number.

Contract Price
Setup FREE
1 Month £25.00
6 Months (20% discount) £120.00
12 Months (40% discount) £180.00

International Dedicated Long Numbers

Using a dedicated long number for the country the texts are to be received in.

Contact us

Dedicated Short Code

A five digit short text number for sole use by your business.

Contract Price
Set-up fee £700
Monthly fee £700

Keyword on FREETEXT Short Code

For receiving replies where you want to guarantee your contacts don’t pay.

Contract Price
Set-up fee £50
Monthly fee £75

QR Codes for text messages

Can be used anywhere in the world. A phone reads QR Codes in seconds, & sends the required information to the sender’s handset almost immediately.

Completely FREE to use.

Review date:

A slick simple to use system that resolved all our issues

We are a cricket club sending a huge number of availability question texts every week and collating. With textlocal we were able to use the API to integrate into our existing CRM system easily and automate both the sending, replies and optouts making the job of quickly assessing availability of players easy. The selection committee had more time to discuss selection as opposed to worrying about chasing texts, following up with emails etc. A first class and simple system with a good useable interface and an extremely well polished and simple API - Horsmonden CC
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