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Receive Text Messages Online

Adding an inbound text number or short code (e.g. 60777) to your marketing strategy gives an easy, low-cost way for customers and prospects to contact you instantly, providing leads and accurate contact numbers. Whether you want to expand your contact database or receive replies by two way SMS communications, we have the service for you.

We offer 7 ways to receive SMS text messages, listed with prices below.

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We offer seven ways to receive SMS text messages

Receive Keyword on a Short Code

1. FREE Keyword on Short Code

Every Messenger account comes with its own Keyword on our Short Code 60777. Any texts beginning with this keyword that are sent to 60777 will be immediately passed onto you. The sender pays their standard network charge to send the text (which could be free depending on the network being used). It is FREE for you to receive texts to your Messenger account.

Receive Keyword on a Long Number
Contract Price
Setup FREE
3 Month £10.00
6 Month £15.00
12 Month £25.00

2. Keyword on long number

This works exactly the same as 1 above, but here you get to choose your keyword and people send their text to a normal looking text number. As such, if the sender has free text bundles then this text will be FREE for them. It is FREE for you to receive texts to your Messenger account.

These can be purchased within Messenger and added immediately.

This option is perfect for a low cost choice with a custom keyword.

Receive Keyword on a Long Number
Contract Price
Set-up fee One-off payment* £25
Pay Monthly £25
6 Months 10% discount £135
12 Months 20% discount £240

* You only pay the set-up fee for the first Short Code Keyword you purchase. Additional Short Code Keywords are not charged a set-up fee.

* It will cost 1 standard network message to text into a short code. On most UK networks this is 10p.

3. Keyword on Short Code (60777/66777)

This works the same as 1 above but now you get to choose your keyword and the Short Code number to send it to.

SMS Short Codes are a great place to start if you are beginning your mobile marketing activity, as they are a great tool for collecting opt-in data. Anyone who responds to your Short Code is classed as an opt-in and their number will be available in your inbox, ready to transfer to your contact list.

With a small text number this is a great choice for advertising and promotions. These can be purchased within Messenger and added immediately.

A Short Code will only work on handsets in the country it is registered to - as unlike normal 11 digit numbers, it does not have a country code. Textlocal now owns the Short Code 51777 which can be used in Ireland. Any business in Ireland now has the ability to build an opt-in list of data using a keyword on the Short Code 51777. Our 60777 and 66777 Short Codes are UK based so will only work on UK handsets.

We also have access to short codes in more than 20 other countries in Europe. If you are looking for one of these then please call us on +44 (0)1244 752 299.

Receive on a Dedicated Long Number
Contract Price
Setup FREE
1 Month £25.00
6 Month
(20% discount)
12 Month
(40% discount)

4. Dedicated Long Number

With this option you own the Long Number, so you receive all texts sent to this number and no keyword is required. Within Messenger you can then set up as many Keywords as you like, all having a different usage so you can run multiple campaigns through one number.

This option is perfect for 2 way texting or if you don't want to use a keyword. These can be purchased within Messenger and added immediately.

Receive on a Dedicated Long Number

5. International Dedicated Long Numbers

Whether you are operating in the UK, Europe or internationally we can provide you with a reply service using long numbers. Listed below are the main countries we can supply long numbers to and the prices.

If you're interested in using long numbers in the US and Canada or in other countries not listed, please contact our dedicated customer support team on +44 (0)1244 752 299 for more information.

International Dedicated Long Number Price List

Country Code Country Price per month
AU Australia £25.00
AT Austria £25.00
BE Belgium £25.00
CN China £25.00
CR Costa Rica £25.00
CZ Czech Republic £25.00
DK Denmark £25.00
EE Estonia £25.00
FI Finland £25.00
FR France £25.00
DE Germany £25.00
HK Hong Kong £25.00
HU Hungary £25.00
IL Israel £25.00
LT Lithuania £25.00
MY Malaysia £25.00
MX Mexico £50.00
NL Netherlands £25.00
NO Norway £25.00
PK Pakistan £50.00
PL Poland £50.00
PR Puerto Rico £25.00
RO Romania £25.00
RU Russia £25.00
RW Rwanda £25.00
SK Slovakia £25.00
ZA South Africa £25.00
SE Sweden £25.00
CH Switzerland £25.00
Receive on a Dedicated Short Code
Contract Price
Set-up fee £700
Monthly fee £700

6. Dedicated Short Code

With this option you own the Short Code number so you receive all texts sent to this Short Code, regardless of what the first word of the message is. Within Messenger, you can set up as many keywords as you like on this dedicated number which will all have their own inbox.

As the Short Code needs to be set-up with each individual network, this will take between four and six weeks to set up. To order a Dedicated Short Code please call us on +44 (0)1244 752 299.

We charge you quarterly in advance with a minimum term of 6 months and 3 months notice.

With this option you can own your own unique short code ideal for heavy users.

Free txt shortcodes
Contract Price
Set-up fee £50
Monthly fee £75

7. Keyword on FREETEXT Short Code

This works the same way as 1 above but here you get to choose your keyword on 60002. The short code is completely FREE for the sender, otherwise known as Free to end user (FTEU), to send their text as you pay the cost for them. Every text received will cost you 2 credits.

To set one of these up in the UK please call us on +44 (0)1244 752 299. This will take up to two weeks to set up.

If you want to ensure all your customers pay absolutely nothing then this option is for you.

QR codes for sms marketing

8. QR Codes

Any smart phone can host a free application to scan any QR Code, anywhere in the world. A phone can read the QR Code in seconds, sending the required information to the user's handset almost immediately.

QR Codes are used extensively on print media such as adverts, menus and flyers. In addition to linking to web pages they can automatically create a text message complete with your Short Code. Using this technology, opting-in has never been easier.

Ideal for delivering instant information to those customers with smart phones.

Key Benefits of all our Receive SMS Services

Free email forwarding

We can automatically forward all inbound messages to you via email for free. You can have these sent to multiple email addresses and can reply via email and we will send on as a text message.

Email auto-reply for brochures

When an email address is contained within an inbound text message, an email can be sent back for FREE. The email can contain attachments which is great for sending brochures.

Easily store numbers

All mobile numbers, the message sent and date and time of receipt are stored in your private inbox. You can export all this information or send a text to these numbers at a future date.

FREE to receive

It costs you nothing to receive replies to texts. The text will cost the sender either their standard network text charge or use one of their free texts.

Scheduled automatic replies

In addition to the auto-reply, you can also select to send auto-responses after a specific period of time.

Forward to a URL

We can automatically forward the message to a URL, so that your systems can receive the message - this could be built into a message system on your website or into a CRM application.

Automatic replies

We can automatically reply to a text message with another text - this might include more information, a link to your website or just a simple "We'll be in contact" message.

Forward to mobile

We can also forward all inbound messages to your mobile. This will cost one credit to receive the message.

Postcode lookup

Automatically send a geographic based message based on an incoming text message containing a post code - this could be a "Find your nearest restaurant".

Forward to a group

Forward inbound messages to a pre-selected group. This will cost one credit per message per number in the group.

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