Receive Replies To Your SMS Text Messages Online

Enable your customers & members to instantly reply back to your texts

In order to receive direct replies to the messages you send you must set a NUMBER as your sender name. If you use a WORD (e.g 'RED LION'), the receiving phone will not be able to tell where the message has come from and so cannot reply back (as it doesn't know a number to send the reply back to).

We offer 3 ways to receive replies to your SMS text messages, listed with prices below.

Example account for receiving bulk sms replies

3 Ways to Receive Replies

There are 3 ways to receive replies to your texts using Messenger and these are:

+44Your Number

1. Use your own Mobile Number for FREE

With this option, if you set the 'Sender Name' for your texts as your own mobile number (e.g. 447XXX XXXXXX) then the recipient will receive your SMS text as if it has come from your own mobile handset. All replies will then immediately go back to your mobile and bypass us. There is no cost for you to do this.


Or any of several other randomised numbers

Contract Price
Cost 1.5 times standard credit costs
Replies FREE to receive

2. Simple Reply Service

For every text you send you can tick our Simple Reply Service and people can then reply back to your message which will then come directly back into your Messenger account. Sending messages by this option will cost 1.5 times the standard cost of sending your message. So if you are sending a message to 100 people your cost would be 150 credits. There is no charge to receive SMS to your Simple Reply Service Inbox.


Contract Price
Setup FREE
1 Month £25.00
6 Month
(20% discount)
12 Month
(40% discount)

3. Dedicated Long Number

A Dedicated Long Number is perfect for two-way SMS by enabling people to reply directly to your message. When sending a message, you can select your dedicated long (e.g. 447XXX XXXXXX) number as the 'Sender Name' of the message and the recipient only needs to press 'reply' for the message to come back to you.

In addition to this you can also create as many keywords as you want which will have their own inboxes, so you can have multiple campaigns running on one dedicated long number.

These can be purchased within Messenger and added immediately.

Key Benefits of All Our SMS Reply Services

Free email forwarding

We can automatically forward all received messages to you via email address, completely free of charge. We can also have these sent to multiple email addresses too which you can reply via email and we will send on as a text message.

Email auto-reply for brochures

If an email address is contained within a received text message, we can send an email back to you for FREE. You can also send attachments in these emails which is great for sending brochures.

FREE to receive

We charge you nothing to receive replies to texts. Please note the sender will either pay their standard network text charge or use one of their bundled texts messages if on contract.

Scheduled automatic replies

As well as the auto-reply, you may also send auto-responses after a specific time has past.

Forward to mobile

You can automatically forward on all received messages to your own mobile. This will cost one Textlocal Messenger credit to receive the message.

Forward to a URL

We can automatically send a received message to a URL, so that your software or system can receive the message - this is useful for integrating text with your website or into a CRM application.

Easily store numbers

Mobile numbers, the message sent and date and time of receipt are stored in your private Textlocal inbox. You can also export this information or send a message to these numbers at a later date.

Automatic replies

We can automatically send a response to a received text message - this might include more information, a link to your website or just a simple "Thanks for your text" message.

Postcode lookup

We can automatically send a geographic based message based on an received text message containing a post code - this could be a "Find your nearest" service.

Forward to a group

We can automatically forward received messages to a pre-selected group. This will cost one credit per message per recipient.

Replies to SMS Online

Our online mobile message service lets you receive replies back from the SMS messages you send out; something that is vital in gaining customer feedback and immediate response from business marketing and communication sent. Whether it is customer surveys, competitions or just general information online SMS replies is a perfect way of keeping your customers up to date with what is happening with your company.

Using our control panel you are able to access all replies, allowing you to manage delivery and subscription information, handle bulk SMS messages or simply export data. You can discover full pricing options for sending and receiving bulk business SMS as well as take out a free trial today.

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