Receive Replies To SMS Text Messages Online

Enable your customers & contacts to instantly reply back to your texts

Managing replies couldn't be easier with our simple reply service, keywords, shortcodes & inboxes.

Manage SMS Text Messaging Replies Online

Our mobile messaging service lets you receive replies back from the SMS messages you send out; something that is vital in gaining customer feedback and for immediate responses from business marketing and communications sent. Whether it is customer surveys, competitions or just general information, SMS replies are a perfect way of keeping your customers up to date.

Using Messenger, you are able to access all replies, allowing you to manage delivery and subscription information, handle bulk SMS messages or simply export data to add to your contacts lists or CRM system.

  • Receive direct replies - Messages sent as replies to you are free
    • Easy response management - Gather all replies to messages in one place
    • Choose your number - Set up the number you wish to receive messages on for simplicity & practicality

Multiple Ways to Manage your SMS replies - The Power of an inbox

All replies, however they are received, are stored in an inbox. What is an inbox?

Whether using our simply reply service or a dedicated long number you are supplied with an inbox to easily find your responses. Inboxes come with the ability to perform actions upon receipt of a message.

They come packed with features to help you manage and automate your data. Every inbox can:

Email forwarding

Automatically forward all received messages to an email address (or multiple email addresses), completely free of charge. You can reply via email and we will forward as a text message.

Forward to a URL

Automatically send a received message to a URL, so that your software/system can receive the text message - this is useful for integrating SMS with your website or into a CRM application.

Forward to a mobile

Automatically forward on all received messages to your own mobile. This will cost one Textlocal Messenger credit to receive the message.

Forward to a group

Automatically forward received messages to a pre-selected Messenger group. This will cost one credit per message per recipient.

Easily store numbers

We provide a private Textlocal inbox or you can export them to your contacts list.

Schedule in automatic replies

Include attachments, links & info.

Send replies based on location

Uses the location of the device to provide information to "Find your nearest" service.

Email auto-reply for brochures

If an email address is contained within a received text message, we can send an email back to you for FREE. You can also add attachments to these emails which is great for sharing brochures or product guides.

Pick up replies

Get our convenient Messenger app to view messages when you're on-the-go.

Three Terrific Ways to Receive Two-way Replies to your SMS Text Messages

We offer 3 ways to receive replies to your texts using Messenger and these are:


Use your own Mobile Number for FREE

With this option, if you set the 'Sender Name' for your texts as your own mobile number (e.g. 447XXX XXXXXX) then the recipient will receive your SMS text as if it has come from your own mobile handset. All replies will then immediately go back to your mobile and bypass us. There is no cost for you to do this.


Simple Reply Service

Tick 'Simple Reply Service' when sending and we will allocate a number to your send that allows your contacts to reply back to your message. All responses come directly back into your Messenger account and you find them in your Simply Reply Service Inbox. Each message will cost 1.5 times the standard cost so a message to 100 people your cost would be 150 credits. There is no charge to receive SMS to your Simple Reply Service Inbox.


Two Way SMS using a Dedicated Long Number

Purchase a Dedicated Long Number for two-way SMS and enable people to reply directly to your message. Select your dedicated long number as the 'Sender Name' (e.g. 447XXX XXXXXX) and the recipient only needs to press 'reply' to respond. All messages to come back to your Messenger account and can be found in your dedicated long number inbox.

Because you own this number you can also create as many keywords as you want, each with their own inbox, so you can have multiple campaigns running on one dedicated long number. These can be purchased within Messenger and added immediately.

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