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Instantly text all your customers, staff and members from 2.4p

Send Text Messages Online

Send Text Messages Online

Whether you are a garage sending 20 mailmerged MOT reminders or a global brand scheduling 1,000,000 bulk texts, Messenger is perfect. Packed with cutting-edge tools & backed by fanatical support.

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See how fast it is for FREE. Simply enter your mobile number below, and we'll send you a text at no charge within 5 seconds.

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Receive Text Messages Online

Receive Text Messages Online

Using a shortcode (e.g text SHOWME to 60777/66777) or a dedicated number (text anything to 447XXX XXXXXX), people can opt to hear from you. Add autoresponders to attach files, add email, web and telephone links. Forward texts to email, webserver or another phone.

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To see a message, use the speed test in "Send Text Messages Online".


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Receive Replies To Texts Online

Receive Replies to Texts Online

Engage in 2 way text message communication with your contacts using our Reply Numbers. Your sent texts can be replied to and the response stored in your inbox or forwarded to any email address, website or mobile number.

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Free Mobile App to Send & Receive Texts

Free Mobile App to Send & Receive Texts

All the essential Textlocal features to instantly communicate with your contacts & groups while you are on the move.

Free mobile app by Textlocal

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NEW! Vouchers & Ticketing

Vouchers & Ticketing

Create mobile vouchers, tickets and loyalty cards and send them directly to your customers' mobile phones. Redeem them online via Messenger or our mobile app.

Mobile vouchers and ticketing

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Attach Files To Texts - Say Goodbye To Letters!

Attach Files to Texts - Say Goodbye To Letters!

Attach files to your text messages. Get the benefits of email with the phenomenal open rates of text messaging. This includes PDF's, JPEGs, Words documents, Excel files and Power Point. Great for sending menus, brochures and flyers at absolutely no extra cost.

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Attach Forms & Surveys To Texts

Attach Forms & Surveys to Texts

Create your own mobile optimised data capture forms & surveys, attach to your texts and gather responses in seconds with our incredible reporting tools.

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Create FREE Mobile Web Pages

Create FREE Mobile Web Pages

Create your own mobile web pages in minutes and attach to your text messages. Add images, tables and paste any wording then track who clicks through with our comprehensive reports.

Mobile website displayed on mobile phone

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Simple SMS API Code For Developers

Simple SMS API Code for Developers

5 lines of code to connect your software to every mobile phone on the planet. Works with every programming language (PHP, .NET, Java etc.). Simply fetch the mobile number(s) from your database or HTML form & build the message content (merging data as required).

SMS API screenshot

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Send MMS Multimedia Picture & Audio Messages

Send MMS Multimedia Picture & Audio Messages

Send multimedia MMS messages including images, audio files, video clips or vCard contacts.

Picture messaging screenshot

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Receive MMS Picture & Audio Messages

Receive MMS Picture & Audio Messages

Receive MMS messages (images, audio files, video clips or vCard contacts) into your inbox or forward to email or webserver.

Mobile to PC communication

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From chip shops to blue chips, Textlocal is the leading mobile messaging service enabling every business, society or community group to instantly reach everyone. We work with 165,000+ clients large & small delivering a staggering 40,000,000 texts per month! See our awesome testimonials

When prospective clients ask about our mobile messaging service, the assumption seems to be that we simply offer a direct marketing service; that we offer the capability to deliver marketing material to the masses on an industrial scale. This view completely ignores the large number of applications that our service can offer, not to mention many of its most useful features.

On the most basic level, our service allows you to send important information to clients and employees; from reward vouchers to meeting invites. Whether sent on the go from your mobile, or from your desktop, our mobile messaging service will also allow you to receive responses, making planning and customer communication a cinch. Our bulk SMS solutions for business also means that the size of the task is never a barrier.

Another commonly overlooked aspect of the Textlocal service is the large number of formats and file types that we support: mobile messaging doesn't just mean text! From a customer facing perspective, the Textlocal mobile messaging service allows for the easy distribution of forms and surveys, in a direct and easy to digest manner. In terms of internal utility, mobile messaging can be used to quickly disseminate essential documents to necessary employees quickly and painlessly. A new team needs an orientation check-list? Your company’s stand at a expo is missing an essential video? Send them directly to where they’re needed, no matter where you are at the time.

Our incredible platform has won all major awards for "Best SMS Text Service" and we innovate daily. We have unbeatable prices (reach 100 people for under £5!) & our team of passionate experts are always here to help.

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