SMS and Mobile Marketing Video Tutorials for Business from Textlocal

Discover some of the many ways mobile marketing and SMS message campaigns can help your business, club or organisation

As experts in mobile marketing, we help a number of businesses and individuals kick start their international and UK business SMS marketing campaigns and strategies. It's what we are here for. To make life easier, we have provided these helpful mobile marketing video guides so you can learn too.

So we can impart our SMS expertise, these handy video guides will help you to use our unique software and tools. You'll be able to make the most out of your mobile marketing campaigns. From mobile ticketing and loyalty campaigns to mobile surveys, we've got it all covered.

See Luigi Use Textlocal To Communicate With His Customers

Watch our Online Mobile Marketing Virtual Tours

Why not take a look to see how easy it is to get going with Messenger 2.0 and how SMS marketing can help your business stand out from the crowd when it comes to improving your customer communications.

Whether you need a complete overview on our new Messenger 2.0, how to simply send and receive SMS, create mobile web pages or integrate an SMS API for your Customer Relationship Management system, these video tutorials will give you all the basic information you need to get started.

See our Textlocal Messenger tutorial videos

Introducing Messenger 3.0

Let us take you through the updated version of Messenger 3.0, launched in February 2015. Showing off its brand new look and feel, Andy also demonstrates the new features and the classic, award-winning elements of the platform.

Who Are Textlocal?

Overview of SMS Text services, our company, products and why we are one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe helping over 100,000 businesses, services and community groups to instantly communicate with customers, staff and members via the most effective channel in history - the humble SMS text!

Textlocal Messenger Demo

See how easy it is to use Textlocal Messenger for all your SMS marketing needs with our helpful and comprehensive demonstration video.

Demo messaging with Adam

Follow Adam through his day and see how mobile text messaging improves his life, allowing him to be kept in the loop with the businesses he interacts with.

An overview of Textlocal Messenger

Andy Hemming takes you through Textlocal's award winning Messenger platform.

Mobile Vouchers, Ticketing & Loyalty Cards

Let Andrew Hemming and Mat Hughes takes you through our new Vouchers and Ticketing tool.

How to send your first SMS campaign and get great results

Andy Hemming takes you through Textlocal's Messenger online SMS platform to demonstrate how to send an SMS campaign and get great results.

How mobile surveys and forms can help you interact with customers

Join Mat Hughes as he guides you through our mobile surveys and forms tool within the award winning Textlocal messenger.

How Messenger can help your business communicate efficiently

Our accounts manager Andrew Cook walks you through how our award winning Messenger platform can help your business.

How to create mobile surveys and forms

This short guide demonstrates how you can create your own mobile optimised surveys and forms from start to finish. Discover how your business could use mobile forms to collect information from customers and staff and how to create your own in minutes.

Inside Mobile - Getting Started

We fully believe in operating best practices when it comes to mobile messaging. This ensures best results for you and your customers while staying compliant with the regulating bodies. To save you from being bombarded with stats, facts and regulations, we have everything included in our 20 minute webinar, covering best practices, understanding the legals, advice from industry experts, complete with a question and answer session.

Applying Mobile CRM to Messaging

Our Marketing Director Rob Townsend took part in Mobile Marketing Magazine's webinar series 'Making Sense of Mobile,' delivering 'Applying mobile CRM to messaging.' The webinar was our chance to exclusively reveal the results of our mCRM research project, explaining why no business can afford to ignore SMS.

Understanding the Basics

This webinar, hosted by our mobile experts Jason Palgrave-Jones and Eduardo Moura, covers the basics of mobile messaging and a demonstration of our messenger platform.

Messenger Overview 2.0

Overview of basic functionality in Textlocal Messenger 2.0

How to Send A Campaign

A simple overview of a mailmerged SMS text campaign sent from - we show how you can communicate with thousands of contacts in seconds with personalised messages.

Email to SMS Gateway

This video shows how to use the Txtlocal Email to SMS gateway to send an SMS message to a single number from any email client.

Mobile Web Page Editor

A simple overview of a mailmerged SMS text campaign sent from - we show how you can communicate with thousands of contacts in seconds with personalised messages.

See our Textlocal Developer API tutorial videos

Outbound SMS API

A simple overview of a mailmerged SMS text campaign sent from - we show how you can communicate with thousands of contacts in seconds with personalised messages.

Inbound SMS API

This video shows how to use the Txtlocal Incoming message system to forward on SMS messages and process them to a file in php.

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