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How can mobile marketing work in your industry?

Our industry and sector specific insight papers and practical SMS guides provide you with expert knowledge to demonstrate how you can make mobile messaging work for your industry. From food and drink, to retail, travel and healthcare, we have business SMS case studies covering them all.

See how you can use mobile marketing to reduce costs, avoid missed appointments and create customer loyalty campaigns - and this is just the start!

Text message communication and business marketing enables a whole new world of customer interaction and customer experience. We've covered some of our most popular industries such as entertainment, retail and hospitality. See how you can use mobile marketing for your business today.

Our existing clients have produced inspiring case studies, which have yielded fantastic results, and you can do the same.


The dawn of the Super High Street

Retailers are leading the opportunity to take control of the Super High Street with many small businesses now taking a more agile approach than their larger rivals.

Delivering exceptional customer service and building long-term customer relationships is achievable today, thanks to mobile communications and the growth in digital technology.


SMS for the NHS

Our research into the true costs of missed appointments for the NHS inspired us to create this simple guide on how and why SMS should be implemented into the communication strategy of every healthcare practice.


SMS for Recruiters

SMS is rapidly becoming a vital tool in the recruitment industry, allowing recruiters and candidates to communicate directly and in real time. From sending reminders of interview times to attaching job descriptions to SMS, our guide tells you all you need to know!


Gaming & Gambling

Want to improve customer retention, increase the number of bets placed and boost your profits? Join the mobile revolution and add SMS messaging into your communications to engage your customers instantly.

SMS for Estate Agents

Imagine if you could sell your customers their dream home, but even faster! Text message communications will keep your estate agency interacting with tenants and landlords every step of the way, creating a seamless sales process and sending satisfaction through the roof!

Entertainment and Leisure

Mobile vouchers, tickets and loyalty cards will not only change the way your entertainment business communicates but will also boost ticket sales and increase customer loyalty.

Food and Drink

The ability to create your own fully branded vouchers and tickets as a mobile web page is right at your fingertips! Read on to see why your food and drink business will thrive from these exciting features.

Hair and Beauty

We've got something so effective up our sleeve that customers will bypass your competitors and walk straight into your salon. Everything you need to know about mobile, vouchers, tickets and loyalty cards is right here.


All you need to send effective mobile vouchers, tickets and loyalty cards for your garage is right here. We explain how to drive your business towards mobile marketing success in a few simple steps.


Boost your sales, in-store traffic and customer loyalty using our mobile vouchers, tickets and loyalty cards. Read on to find out how.


Mobile vouchers, tickets and loyalty cards are a vital tool for any travel agency, tour operator, transport provider and tourist business. We explain why this is perfect for your business!

General use for mobile vouchers, tickets and loyalty

Introducing our most innovative messenger tools yet-Tickets, vouchers and loyalty cards! Whatever your industry these leading market features will set your business apart from the competition.

Travel & Tourism

Everything you need to know about mobile in the travel industry from generating sales and repeat business to maintaining effective communications world wide.

Sports & Fitness

All you need to run effective mobile marketing in the sports and fitness industry. We explain how to generate interest and enthusiasm in your sector with this simple tool.


We present the stats and facts about mobile in the entertainment industry and how you can it can push sales, attendance and awareness for your business.

Food & Drink

Everything you need to know about how mobile can not only boost sales and bookings but how to also generate environmentally friendly ticketing systems in the food and drink industry.


We share with you our expert knowledge and top tips to execute mobile messaging campaigns that will boost your profits and keep your customers coming back. Let us convince you that mobile is perfect for retail.

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