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Discover How the mobile industry is using SMS marketing for great success

Textlocal has compiled key statistics about the current state of the mobile industry and put them into a handy infographic you can share! For example, did you know that 32% of consumers response positively to SMS promotions? For more interesting facts like that one, read on!

Mobile infographic

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With the present popularity of internet marketing being so well recognised, it's often easy for marketing professionals to be open-minded to other forms of digital marketing. This is doing the area a disservice, as many other systems, when used in the correct way, can be equally, or even more effective. Mobile marketing is one such marketing option that is often given short shrift.

We've collected a range of data that best demonstrates the effectiveness of mobile marketing, in the infographic below. The data shows that mobile marketing reaches large groups of people extremely quickly; there's the potential for marketing messages to reach 10 billion mobile connected devices worldwide, with 97.5% of the SMS messages sent likely to be read within 5 seconds of being received.

The numbers are in; mobile marketing delivers superb reach and efficiency.

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