Fast Food Infographic for Bulk Text Messaging

SMS messaging in the fast food industry

Textlocal has compiled the key statistics and put them into a handy infographic on Fast Food.

Fast food mobile marketing infographic

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The holy grail of advertising for fast food companies has always been a way of communicating with customers that isn't unsolicited and intrusive; after-all, anyone who lives in a large town city is well versed in the routine of returning home, and throwing out the new crop of takeaway menus and flyers that have been pushed through the letter box. Not only is it a wasted investment for the fast food business in question to operate this way, as they are losing money on both design and printing costs, but it's wasted time and effort for the targeted customer as well, and may ultimately undermine consumer good-will towards a particular fast food business.

At Textlocal, we provide a service for fast food businesses that allows them to promote their business, and any special offers or deals they provide, in a solicited, yet direct manner. The statistics we have compiled show that many customers want regular communication with their favourite fast food services, and our service allows them to opt-in and receive the latest offers and news. We've compiled the data in the infographic below, to demonstrate just how much of a positive difference our service can make to a fast food business.

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