Mobile marketing 'how to guides' for business

For more detailed information on how to get the most out of your mobile marketing campaigns, take a read through some of our free SMS guides. You'll find guides on everything from growing your mobile marketing database to creating mobile webpages and tracking short links in mobile campaigns. They are free and we'd love it if you downloaded a copy!

How to create mobile tickets and vouchers

Whatever your business, our mobile voucher and ticket tool holds the secret to multiplying revenue and customer satisfaction. Read this guide and discover how you can send a custom designed voucher or ticket via an SMS link, with unique redeemable codes for each of your customers.

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How to create mobile loyalty cards

A step-by-step guide of how to design, create, send and redeem customised mobile loyalty cards to generate repeat business. Why not thank your most loyal customers with a well-deserved treat!

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How to use Short Links and Attachments in SMS

Including links and attachments to an SMS is a great way to maximise results from your text messages. This guide explains how to include Short Links, Page Links, Surveys and Attachments to your text messages and how to analyse reports.

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How to create mobile surveys and forms

This short guide demonstrates how you can create your own mobile optimised surveys and forms from start to finish. Discover how your business could use mobile forms to collect information from customers and staff and how to create your own in minutes.

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How to Create and Grow your Database

A great starting point for those new to mobile messaging or if you simply want to grow your existing database. This guide shares best practice and is full of great tips, including how to remain compliant.

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How to Send SMS Text Messages

This is a step by step guide showing how to send text messages from Messenger. It includes everything you need to know about mobile marketing from writing powerful messages to when to send them and how to measure success. It also gives some direction on the additional features in Messenger has to offer.

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How to Create Mobile Web Pages

Using clear screen shots and instructions, this guide explains how to create your own mobile web page which can easily be sent out through a short link in a text message.

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How to Send MMS Messages

Learn how to send and receive multi-media messages instantly with Messenger. This guide shares how to get the most out of MMS messaging including best practice, checking reports and seeing it in action.

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