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At Textlocal we have created a knowledge base to arm you with the knowledge and insight you need to run the most successful mobile marketing campaigns. We have a portfolio of research papers, bringing you expert knowledge and insight about business mobile messaging.

This is a great place to start if you are unsure of what kind of mobile marketing service is best for your line of business. We have conducted a variety of studies and research into the behaviours and buying tactics of target customer groups. In particular, we've homed in on the behaviour of mobile shoppers and gamblers, two of the most receptive groups of mobile users to mobile marketing, as well as providing a more general overview of UK mobile phone users; their habits and needs.

As well as user studies, we've also broken down the way that Textlocal's mobile services operate, so you can better understand how they will fit into your business structure. These documents go hand-in-hand with our 'The Truth About Mobile Messaging' white paper; many myths have sprung up about the perceived limitations of mobile messaging as a business tool. We dispel these myths, and illustrate how our mobile services can efficiently and effectively serve both your business and your customers.

Finally, we have provided documentation that presents hard facts and figures about the positive impact our mobile services have had on other businesses; the most effective way to show how much our mobile services can assist your business, is to demonstrate how we have helped others before you.

So, whether you are still sitting on the fence, just getting started, or would like to run a more dynamic campaign, we have the information you need right here.

Mobile Marketing Guides

M-Commerce White Paper

Almost 4 million men and women in the UK are keen to hear from retailers by text at least once per month reveals our latest white paper; Communicating with the Mobile Shopper. From notifying customers about upcoming sales and promotions to facilitating loyalty schemes or confirming delivery dates, there are many ways that retailers will benefit from adding SMS to their communication channels.

The Gambling White Paper

In June we released an extensive piece of research into the behaviours and needs of the UK's mobile user, in the form of a white book called The Mobile Customer Experience Report. We've spoken to 2,000 UK mobile consumers, we've analysed the UK mobile market, and we have surveyed a broad sample of businesses (330) of all sizes, quizzing them all on every aspect of mobile marketing.

The White Book

The 'Mobile Customer Experience Report' is an exclusive piece of research into the behaviours and needs of the UK's mobile user, carried out by Textlocal in March 2013. We have quizzed mobile consumers and businesses to bring you intelligent analysis and some mind-blowing results. Download your FREE copy today.

The White Paper

Our White Paper disproves some of the common myths about mobile messaging.

Great British Mobile Marketing Report

This report uncovers the changing needs and uses of mobile marketing for SME's across various business sectors and regions.

Inside Mobile - The Basics

If you are unsure of where to begin, we have it covered here.

Inside Mobile - The Insight

Really enter the world of mobile and discover who else is using mobile, our top tips and industry insight.

Inside Mobile - The Numbers

It's all about the numbers in mobile marketing. Prepare to be impressed with how they stack up.

Textlocal Brochure

Download our brochure to get a taster of what mobile marketing can do for your business.

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