The Ultimate Guide to Text Marketing that Works

Can you rapidly win more bookings at a lower cost?

7 smart mobile messaging ideas for Hotels & Resorts

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This exclusive e-book will tell you:

  1. Create last minute offers that work
  2. How to turn freebies into money
  3. Mobile vouchers to make your guests smile
  4. Going viral in just one text
  5. Loyalty cards and discount vouchers
  6. Mobile feedback matters
  7. Marketing integration for maximum return
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Notifying my customers

We have had excellent feedback from our customers at, for our airport meet and greet parking service at Manchester airport. The ability to send a branded confirmation text really makes our customers feel confident and reassured about the bookings they make and gives them peace of mind when coming to park their vehicles with us as they have all their booking information on their phone not only on their email but through the text message. We like the fact we can brand the message with our company name but we dislike the character limitation of 160 per text. It would be good to know how to reduce the cost of each text before purchase and perhaps textlocal should consider a discussion/negotiation on deals and rates.
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Great service, helpful support and easy to use.

Fantastic service, very easy to use platform, very quick to set up and very easy to customize to meet your exact needs. Helpful call from a friendly member of customer support just after signing up to see if they could help with anything and to provide a direct contact should we need any support in the future.Great value for the service provided.
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