Commonwealth Church Uses Textlocal's Bulk SMS Software


Commonwealth Church uses Textlocal

The Commonwealth Church at St Marks of London's Mayfair attracting visitors from throughout the local community and surrounding areas. The Church offers a busy schedule of seminars, conferences, prayer sessions, and events and wanted an SMS service to keep in touch with visitors


SMS is a softer approach where members are thought of as "friends" of the church.

Increase in attendance of events

Messages are sent out once a month prior to events to remind and inform members about the date and times of certain events.


  • Surveys found that 50% of attendees at church events came after receiving a text message regarding the event
  • The text tool has proved vital in communicating last minute information quickly
  • Increase in hits to the website, by people looking to find out more information regarding a particular event
The response to our text campaigns has been overwhelming, we have had a significant increase in attendance at events
— Jamie Anderson
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