Mobile messaging for takeaways

How to increase orders with text messaging

Text messaging has really found its place in the fast food industry, proving it's a quick, targeted and powerful tool to generate repeat orders at takeaways and fast food outlets.

On the most basic level, targeted SMS messaging allows takeaway and fast food businesses to distribute their most up to date menus to eager customers, through the use of Textlocal's attachment functionality. Following from that, it's also extremely easy for businesses to design and distribute special offers and promotions through SMS messaging specific to business needs.

The high open rate of SMS messages allows businesses to be confident of high uptake, while the ease with which personalised promotional codes can be included within SMS messages makes these deals very easy for consumers to redeem.

In this way text communication can strengthen a takeaway's brand, by rewarding loyal customers and keeping the public at large informed of their services in an affordable and effective manner.

How the Textlocal service can increase business at your takeaway

Increase orders

Send short, sharp text messages with special offers to existing customers to generate additional orders for particularly quiet times

Send PDF menus via text message

Make sure your menu is seen by sending it as an attachment in a text message either as a PDF, word doc or power point

Encourage repeat orders

Send promotions and offers for one time use a mobile page with a unique code to encourage your customers to order again

Automatic text confirmations

By integrating Messenger with your ordering system, text messages can be sent automatically to confirm orders are delivery times

Reward your loyal customers

Multiple use vouchers can be sent in a text message and stored to Passbook or Pass Wallet to bring customer back again and again

Get instant feedback

Create mobile forms and surveys to find out what your customers think. Did they enjoy their food? Was the delivery on time? Would they recommend to a friend?

Continually grow your customer list

Feature a keyword and short code in your takeaway, on your menus and online. Anyone who texts in is automatically added to your contact group in Messenger

Generate more website traffic

Include a short link to your website or mobile page to generate more orders. Messenger will tell you exactly who has opened them and when for targeted follow ups

Run your text messaging from anywhere

Upload contacts from your mobile phone directly to the Textlocal App. Perfect for scheduling text message campaigns while you're out and about in the day before opening time

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Best Service

Text Local has a big hand in the increase of sales in my business. As in terms of their speed, you cant challenge them. They are SuperFast in delivering message on your customers phones. I have been using them from nearly 2 years now and had never any sort of problem using their friendly website. There business managers always take your feedback seriously and try to resolve the problems as quickly as possible. As far as their MMS service is concerned I dont think any other company is even near to the quality of service they provide. All I can say is they have worked hard to be on top of this messaging business and they definately without a doubt deserve this position. Good Luck to them and trust them and they wont disappoint you. Cheers
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Only The Best

From We Starting To Use Txtlocal Our Company Has Never Been the same everthing about this system is great Thank God for The Ceo And all the staff At txtlocal Keep up the good work you all has done so much for My Company Favour Fast Food Ltd

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