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Make operations run more smoothly with text messaging

The world is increasingly dependent on the timely and efficient deliveries performed by logistics companies; but the system is still far from perfect. It's still all too easy, with the busy lifestyles that everyone leads, to miss said deliveries; leading to the irritation of having to pick deliveries up from the main depot, or even worse, having to repeat the order after the original consignment has been returned to sender.

For this system to operate in a more efficient manner, a more effective means for logistics companies to communicate with clients is necessary, which is a niche that the logistics text messaging service offered by us, here at Textlocal, is more than able to help you with.

Text messaging is instant, cost-effective and reaches people directly. Communicating with drivers on the road and providing real-time updates on delivery statuses to customers is made easy with text messaging.

The Textlocal service and how we can help your company

Send delivery updates

Let your customers know when their delivery is coming with an appropriately timed message so that they can make sure they're in to collect

Reduce unnecessary trips

Delivery not coming at a convenient time? Allow your customers to text and rearrange to avoid your drivers having a wasted trip

Order tracking

Include a shortened link in your messages to take your customers to a tracking page on your website and monitor click through with full reporting

Automated messaging

Using our API Gateway, send automatic text messages to confirm each stage of delivery including dispatch, arrived at depot and successful or unsuccessful delivery

Gather feedback

Our mobile optimised data capture forms allow you to gather important information about your customers or your service in a quick and easy format

Anytime, anywhere

Email 2 SMS, API integration and the Messenger app allow you to compose your messages whenever and wherever you are, and schedule them for the appropriate send time

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Quick and Easy Multiple Contacts

I used Txtlocal whilst Operations Manager to keep our bus drivers up to date on issues such as road closures, traffic delays and positive feedback. With over a hundred drivers it was easy to import their mobile numbers from my contact database, type the message and schedule a send for a later time. Add to that the fact that each txt is cheap and it is a great package. I now use Txtlocal with my bowling club to let them all know of competitions coming up and deadlines for rounds to be completed. Less numbers involved but very effective. I particularly love the ease of typing up the message from the keyboard rather than a phone.
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Always delivered never disappointed

As a small business that needs to be on constant communication with our various client, Textlocal made and still making our lives and works very easy, flexible anytime, always delivered to anywhere on the globe and reasonable. NK Logistics Inc Ltd is very happy to still be using Textlocal and definitely recommended it anyone we know will benefit from it. Thanks and keeps the good work.

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