Mobile messaging for hair and beauty salons

Increase bookings and client satisfaction with text messaging

Nothing is more frustrating as a professional in the hair and beauty industry than someone missing an appointment. Not only does it waste your time, but it upsets the customers who have had their appointment times rescheduled around as a result.

Even with a method in place to remind customers of upcoming appointments, effective marketing in a field as competitive as the hair and beauty industry can still be a real struggle. Fortunately, the mobile messaging service that we offer here at Textlocal provides a cost-effective and easy to use solution to direct customer contact, solving the problems detailed above, and many more!

Text messaging is the ideal way to drive more business to a salon, targeting new and existing clients with news, updates and offers straight to their mobile phone and making sure no appointments are missed.

How the Textlocal service can generate extra business for your salon

Here's a few ways you can use text messaging to make sure your salon is always busy

Automatic appointment reminders & booking confirmations

Send personalised, automatic reminders of upcoming appointments to make sure clients show up for bookings

Fill empty appointments

Target existing customers with updates on products and special offers in the run up to quiet periods to make sure all appointments are full

Send price lists via a text message

Attach a price list to a text message through a short link and send to your customer base to make sure your customers are aware of your latest products and are well informed to make their booking

Promote other services

Send one-time use mobile vouchers with unique codes to customers of certain services to offer discounts on other services in your range

Reward your loyal customers

Multiple-use mobile vouchers can be scanned every time a client visits with rewards given every few visits. Great for encouraging clients to choose your salon for future treatments

Get instant feedback

Send mobile surveys via a link in a text message after a client has visited to easily gather feedback about their experience

Continually grow your customer list

Use a keyword on a short code to encourage existing and potential customers to text in to receive offers and discounts

Generate more website traffic

Include short links in your text messages to your website so recipients have all the information they need to make their appointment

Run your text messaging from anywhere

Are you a mobile hairdresser or beautician? Organise your text message sends from anywhere with the Textlocal mobile app and easily import contact straight from your mobile phone

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Would save any Hairdressing Salon a fortune over a year!

We recently started using the Text Local service in our salon to send our clients a daily appointment confirmation texts. We were going to trial this service for one month but within 4 days of reminders we had already recouped £112.00 in what would have been lost appointments! Life is fast paced and people forget appointments when they booked them 6 weeks ago or incorrectly entered the date and time into their phone when leaving previously. This simple and affordable (We only need to save one Cut and Blowdry appointment in a month and it has paid for itself) service has really helped to improve our booking system, the template maker and scheduling option makes it quick and convenient to send your text messages when its easiest for you. We have even found the option of bulk texts to specific client groups a valuable marketing tool for those quick promotions on quieter days, I have really noticed that a small percentage of people check their email constantly, most Im sure just leave it until the evening when they get home, but nearly everyone checks their text messages as soon as they get one so they can respond to promotions quickly. Overall I am very happy with what the Text Local service has brought to our business as Im sure you will agree every extra step you take helps your business stand out from your competition.
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Fantastic tageted marketing tool for my salon

I have been sending text offers about once a month for the last couple of years and always find it boosts bookings for my salon. Over the months I have worked out what kind of offers work best, and get the most bookings, some offers work better than others, but even if people don't book there and then, I find it just reminds my customers Im there, it encourages people to book something else they want, sooner than they might have got round to it otherwise. Life can be pretty busy, with the months whizzing by too quickly, so its always good to give people a little nudge! I definitely think its the way forward for marketing. I won't waste my money any more on expensive magazine ads that get little return. I have never bothered to try another text marketing service because textlocal is easy to use, has great tools and options. Its really easy to import numbers in from XL, even for someone like me who works better with human bodies than computers. Fantastic service which I would recommend to anyone. If your not doing it already, start connecting with your customers now by text - who doesn't have a mobile phone? Rain Spa, Rickmansworth

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