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It's fair to say that the gambling market is more crowded than it ever has been before; if an enthusiast wants to place a bet, there's myriad selection of companies ready to fulfil their needs. Even worse, the airwaves are already full of adverts for such competitors; and billboards worldwide are displaying the best odds a particular competitor can offer, right now.

Ideally, to recapture the customers that have been swayed by the proliferation of advertisements provided by other betting firms, you'd want to harness a marketing tool that reaches customers instantly; bypassing the advertisements of other companies, while also providing a means to easily maintain customer loyalty after their first and lifetime 'flutters'. At Textlocal, we offer that functionality, and more, through our business SMS messaging service.

With delivery times of less than five seconds and an impressive open rate of over 98%, text messaging is an ideal way to contact your customers with information, offers, reminders and updates to make sure you are always their betting provider of choice.

How text messaging can increase revenue for betting companies

Here's how text messaging can make sure customers always choose to place their bets with you

Send out live odds

Whenever there's a time sensitive betting opportunity you can send live odds to your customers within seconds via a text

Send pin numbers

Send automatic text messages containing unique information to customers once they have opened an online or app account with you

Increase footfall

Not online? Encourage punters to place a bet in your shop by sending them unique vouchers for free bets and other special offers

Drive traffic to your website

Include a shortened URL in your messages to send your customers to your website, and track the effectiveness of your campaign

Reward loyal customers

Reward those customers who opt in to your SMS communications with exclusive offers and benefits to constantly increase bets placed

Promote additional services

Inform customers of other types of bets they can place


Use a short code and keyword to encourage customers to text in for exclusive offers and tips while building an opt-in list

Data collection

Gather feedback about your services or detailed customer information using our mobile optimised forms and surveys

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Textlocal Makes It All So Simple :)

My Business is all time orientated and before text local I either had to be sitting at my computer or pay someone to do it for me to ensure all my clients received their message at the correct time to take a price on the Horseracing Tips. Now i simply set it up using the ADVANCE settings to send the txt when I know the betting shows will be available for everyone to take the best prices. This means I can organize everything the night before go play golf and let everything run smoothly. The reporting system shows when everyone was sent their text and more importantly when their phone received so no one can say they didn't get the message or if it shows not received I can phone them personally. If you need to send txt messages to numerous people and ensure they have received them, then don't look anywhere else sign up for text local now, it's reliable, it's inexpensive, it's very easy to use and if you get stuck on anything help is only ever a phone call away. My clients love it, I love it and even my wife loves as she can now kidnap me to take her out to lunch knowing that my business is still going to run smoothly even when I am not there.
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Fantastic Txtlocal

We have tried a lot of companies over the years with regards to buying bulk SMS. Our last provider offered a good service and interface but we found the messages were taking a while to be delivered. We work in the horse racing industry so it is vital news reaches clients fast. I registered for Txtlocal and sent a trial message that got delivered literally a second after I hit send! The best thing is they always seem to get delivered that fast. We like the fact that we can either import or add single numbers to a group - this is something else other providers don't offer as standard. However one of the main features we love is the fact that we can import additional data and then quote it in our messages - for example a greeting or someone's client code. I am also really excited to try the new MMS service they are offering. I have to say I have been very impressed with the service they offer and the fact that it is all so simple to do from registration to completion - which is a rare thing nowadays.

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