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With over 121,000 happy customers, we're the UK's leading business mobile messaging provider. We work with businesses of all sizes from SMEs to multi national corporations across every sector of commerce. Read our bank of success stories for every business sector below.


Advertising & Marketing

Whether you're an agency looking for a new route to market or need to remind clients of the effectiveness of mobile as a standalone and integrated channel. For example help clients to build a database of customer details which they can then use to send marketing information via text, e-mail or post. Many new media companies in particular, encourage viewers/readers to send in feedback, tips for stories, pictures and join in competitions and other promotions using SMS.

Charities & Third Sector

Our award winning mobile messaging service delivers targeted messages to your customers, instantly. Whether you're trying to fund raise, raise local community, regional and national awareness of your key initiatives you can engage with your target audience wherever they are through the power of SMS marketing.

Computer & Technology

We work with a number of clients in the Computer and Technology sector on various communication initiatives including disaster recovery for when IT systems go down and you need instant communication to alert the necessary people in your business to monitor power outages, temperature fluctuations in server storage areas, or human error when making a change to the system, to name but a few. The complexity of the systems involved mean that slight changes can make a big difference, but be almost impossible for IT specialists to spot.

Many businesses, particularly those with large corporate networks, or those with a big online presence, rely on some form of network monitoring. This keeps a permanent eye on the state of websites, servers or databases, and sends out automated alerts to staff - often by SMS - as soon as something goes wrong.


There are many ways in which business mobile messaging and Textlocal could help your institution.

  • For lecturers

    Send meeting requests on sms to specific groups of students /student(s), Alert students to changes in work and course timetables through mobile messaging.

  • Student Union

    Notify students of latest events and gigs, enable interactive Text Voting (student elections, Radio/TV), Send out tips/advice, and send promotional texts.

  • Finance Office

    Alert students when loans cheques are available for collection, and inform students when hardship loans/access funds are ready.

  • IT Departments

    Send job information to mobile IT support & receive replies back into your email inbox, setup SMS alerts for server downtime etc.

  • Marketing

    Send promotional texts to college 6th form students

  • Administration Staff

    Broadcast Lecture timevenue changes, Alert students of events, Contact specific student (save cost of telephoning), Notification of results awaiting collection, Send grades/results via SMS.

Entertainment & Leisure

Our award winning mobile messaging service delivers targeted messages to your customers, instantly. Whether you're promoting theme park offers, theatre tickets, or advertising an unbeatable deal; you can engage with your customers wherever they are.

Cheaper than door-drops, more effective than advertising, and quicker than email. Our service is fast, simple a'd it’s a proven way to boost your bottom line. So talk to us today, and see how we can transform your advertising, your customer satisfaction and your revenue.

Financial Services

Whether you're an insurance broker, investment services, high street bank or lender, personal injury claims or credit rating agency, mobile messaging and the use of shortcodes allows you to keep customers informed of important updates with regards to their financial statements, personal injury cases, your latest products and services and is key for building customer relations.

Food & Drink

Mobile messaging is cheaper and more effective than advertising, door-drops and leaflets. It's instant and easy to use, which makes it perfect for talking to your customers.

Mobile messaging starts you off on a better footing with your customers. They have opted in to the service, so your communications will hit a receptive, interested audience. There's less wastage, as no paper or other materials were used in the process. The information is immediate, rather than a week old offer booklet showing up on their doorstep long after they've chosen to use a competing brand.

Whether you're a bar, nightclub or restaurant owner you can use mobile marketing to increase your footfall and ultimately increase sales. Get customers involved by rewarding their interest and custom. Tailor offers to certain segments of your customer base so you know that they'll want to take advantage, or send out invites to exclusive events, allowing you to receive minute-by-minute updates on responses, allowing you to plan as you go.

Using a short code or quick response QR codes will help your potential customers to respond quickly and instantly to your special offers. You can also build your opt in database for further marketing and improve on your customer loyalty. With Textlocal you can enrich customer experience at the press of a button, so your menu update, event invitation, or renewal reminder can reach them the instant that the information became necessary. No frustration, no wasted time.

Messenger is an award-winner and it's easy to see why - fast, simple and a proven way to boost your bottom line. In fact, 120,000 businesses across the UK already profit from it. So why not discover low-cost SMS marketing today, increase your bottom line, attract new customers and feed your business for less?


Mobile gambling is having a massive impact in 2012, with the most betting firms now deploying applications and using SMS to entice people to use their services. Popular industry sectors using text marketing include poker clubs and general betting shops, all of which have large databases of subscribers keen to receive news of any opportunities, tips or prices.

  • Promote events

    Text subscribers with updates on all future races or competitions allowing them the chance to book or place a bet.

  • You could increase sales

    Send Sporting Alerts, Send Results, Refer a friend, Tips Alerts, Pricing Updates

  • Sales promotions

    Text your subscribers details of any sales promotions, special offers or discounts currently running to increase use of your service.

  • Price alerts

    Text out up to the minute prices on horse racing, football or other sporting events.

  • What if I don't have any mobile numbers?

    Use a short code and keyword text "GAME to 60777" on all promotional material to allow new subscribers to sign up.

    Include a data capture box on your website for mobile phone numbers to be added to a database so you can send them texts at a later date.

    Textlocal can work with you to achieve your desired result, you will help get up and running with a dedicated account manager.

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Motor & Logistics

The Motor trade industry comprises of a huge network of operators from manufacturers, dealer networks, repair shops and garages, supply chain management and logistic companies, to independent retailer and petrol station forecourts. All use mobile messaging for communication to partners, suppliers and customers.


Don't see your sector listed, not to worry, contact us today to see how our mobile messaging platform can assist with your own or client campaigns.


Buying and selling properties is one of the most stressful things people experience in their lifetimes. Imagine a consumer decides to sell up and then to find a more suitable home, they can drive around for hours on end, looking for the 'For Sale' 'For Rent' boards, search numerous property websites and try and remember the agents phone number/web address without success, that’s where short codes come in and help you to promote your business.

Public Services

Whether you're a private dentist, health clinic or charity, mobile business messaging will allow you to communicate appointments and reminders 24-7.


Mobile SMS Marketing is an ideal way for driving foot traffic into retail locations. It allows for great frequency in text messaging, thus increasing repeat sales.

For example: Get 2 for 1 on films at Moviemadness. Join our "Movie club" by texting MOVIE to 60777 and get news about the latest releases on your phone. Show us your coupon code below when you come into any of our stores and you'll get your next rental for free! Code:MM241

Sport & Fitness

Gyms, health clubs, sporting venue and associations are using mobile marketing to generate leads through stronger databases, send out new membership promotions and offer updates on new classes or special events.

Many professional sports clubs are using sms for special promotions, available tickets, and promotional advertising. Individual coaches and managers within local community leagues are also using text messaging to alert parents about schedule changes, weather updates and team stats.

Travel & Tourism

Our award winning mobile messaging service delivers targeted messages to your customers, instantly. Whether you're promoting reduced weekend breaks, discounted hotel rates or cheap holiday deals; you can engage with your customers on the move.