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With over 121,000 happy customers, we're the UK's leading business mobile messaging provider. We work with businesses of all sizes from SMEs to multi national corporations across every sector of commerce. Read our bank of success stories for every business sector below.


Food & Drink

Mobile messaging is cheaper and more effective than advertising, door-drops and leaflets. It's instant and easy to use, which makes it perfect for talking to your customers.

Mobile messaging starts you off on a better footing with your customers. They have opted in to the service, so your communications will hit a receptive, interested audience. There's less wastage, as no paper or other materials were used in the process. The information is immediate, rather than a week old offer booklet showing up on their doorstep long after they've chosen to use a competing brand.

Whether you're a bar, nightclub or restaurant owner you can use mobile marketing to increase your footfall and ultimately increase sales. Get customers involved by rewarding their interest and custom. Tailor offers to certain segments of your customer base so you know that they'll want to take advantage, or send out invites to exclusive events, allowing you to receive minute-by-minute updates on responses, allowing you to plan as you go.

Using a short code or quick response QR codes will help your potential customers to respond quickly and instantly to your special offers. You can also build your opt in database for further marketing and improve on your customer loyalty. With Textlocal you can enrich customer experience at the press of a button, so your menu update, event invitation, or renewal reminder can reach them the instant that the information became necessary. No frustration, no wasted time.

Messenger is an award-winner and it's easy to see why - fast, simple and a proven way to boost your bottom line. In fact, 120,000 businesses across the UK already profit from it. So why not discover low-cost SMS marketing today, increase your bottom line, attract new customers and feed your business for less?