DEPRECATED - SMS API Delivery Receipts

Get message delivery confirmation via API

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You can configure your Textlocal account to have delivery receipt notifications sent to a URL as POST parameters. Simply select Settings->Delivery Receipts within Messenger and enter your script URL.

Code Examples

As all we are doing is sending you variables, it's quite difficult to show code examples, however the following might help - including, in some languages, examples of writing the variables to a database and/or file:

						$number = $_REQUEST['number'];
						$status = $_REQUEST['status'];
						$customID = $_REQUEST['customID'];

API Parameter Details

Once you've configured your Textlocal settings to forward to your URL, the following variables will be sent as POST variables:

number The recipient's mobile phone number
status The delivery status of the message. This will either be:
  • 'D' for delivered
  • 'U' for undelivered
  • 'I' for when the phone number is invalid.
  • '?' for messages which we haven't received a delivery receipt after 4 days
customID If applicable, the custom ID associated with the message.
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