Textlocal: The Mobile Customer Experience Report

In this latest coverage from Mobile Marketing, Textlocal are referenced in regards to our Mobile Customer Experience Report – a mobile industry report which had coverage spanning a number of external influencer websites, and related audience niches.

Some of the highlights from this coverage include the following snippets taken directly from the article:

  • The Textlocal Mobile Customer Experience Report, produced by Mobile Marketing, takes an in-depth look at the state of the mobile messaging market in the UK, including a detailed breakdown of the mobile messaging opportunity across 13 industry sectors, from Entertainment to Retail, broken down by UK TV region.
  • The results of the studies reveal that consumers are more than willing to receive commercial messages on their mobile phone, but that businesses are, to a large extent, playing catch-up.
  • Mobile Marketing played an integral part in the production of the report, working with Textlocal and mobileSQUARED on the questions for the consumer and business surveys, and on the production of the final report, complete with beautiful infographics that bring the data to life.

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You can see a full screenshot of the coverage from Mobile Marketing below:

The mobile customer experience report