Global mobile ad revenues reached £6m in 2012

New statistics show that global mobile advertising revenues reached £6 million last year, according to

This is an increase of 82.2 per cent on 2011 figures and shows just how widely used mobile marketing is now becoming.

The statistics were taken from a study by US IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB Europe and research firm IHS. It found that the search segment is still dominating the global mobile advertising revenue (52.8 per cent), followed by display advertising (38.7 per cent) and messaging (8.5 per cent).

According to the data, North America saw the biggest growth in mobile advertising revenues (111 per cent), meaning it now holds a 39.8 per cent share of the global market. Western Europe also saw a 91 per cent growth, whilst the Asia-Pacific market grew 60 per cent, meaning it now holds 40.2 per cent share of global advertising revenues.

Talking about the findings, Anna Bager, Vice president and general manager, Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, U.S. at the IAB, told  “Mobile is coming into its own as a powerhouse advertising medium.”

She added: “Today’s advertising is happening in a world where ad campaigns can be planned and bought across global networks on multiple media, but the massive and continuing acceleration of mobile’s international impact provides new and exciting frontiers for content and communication.”