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John, your bank statement is now ready: Don't forget to sign up for balance and transaction alerts too
Your council tax is due for payment in the next 2 days. Pay now using our simple mobile payment form:
Your MOT is due on 17 May. Book your vehicle in now to secure your slot
We hope you enjoyed your back massage today. Fill in our survey and get a £5 voucher for next time.
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A very useful service

Marketing is about finding the most effective way to reach out to current and potential customers. But nowadays people are always on the move. They arent always in front of a computer, which creates the dilemma of how to contact these people. The one thing you can count on a person always having with them is a mobile phone.Through the use of an opt-in form provided by Textlocal, we can enable consumers to give their contact information so that we can open up a dialogue with them. Two-way communication is very important here, and when people are willingly provide their contact information, odds are theyre going to act on the texts you send them. A very useful service

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